How to place pushpins on Google Maps

How to place pushpins on Google Maps


Want to mark a place in Google Maps? It’s easy when you know how to do it.

Even better, there are many ways to save pushpins-so you can track important locations.


Place a pushpin in Google Maps in a few secondsCredit: The Sun/Google

If you use Google Maps on any platform, you can manually search for the destination.

This means entering something in the box and then selecting the auto-fill position.

Upon completion, you will get a pin for the selected location.

You can also click somewhere on the map with your mouse.

This will display a small pushpin, and you can click it again to get a blue pushpin.

Or, you can click the coordinates in the pop-up box at the bottom after you have the small pushpin, which will drop a big red pushpin.

Google Maps has many great features


Google Maps has many great featuresCredit: Google

On mobile devices (including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones), you can use the search bar to place pushpins.

But you can also use your finger to hold a position to place the red pushpin.

For any fixed locations, you can save them as starred or marked locations.

This allows you to find them again in the future.

This is a good way to mark the destination you want to visit, or maybe where you park your car.

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