Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Medium

Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Medium



Before training camp (basically when there is no other news to report), we will look at every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how they fit into the team. Today we will take a look at the center.

Preview of previous boot camps

QuarterbackRun backOffensive tackleGuard

As we mentioned before, we usually just group all the inside offensive forwards into one article, but there are currently five centers on the list, so we will give them their own positions. This is the depth map of the center:

1 2 3 4 5
Jason Kelsey Landon Dixon Luke Uriga Ross Pilschbach Harry Creed

Jason Kelsey

The Eagles re-established the Kells contract during the offseason, which left less than $3 million in the 2021 salary cap. Each OverTheCap:

Kells signed a new contract with the Eagles in March 2021. The new contract is actually a one-year, $9 million contract, which includes an increase of $4.5 million over his previous salary. The contract contains actually four virtual contract years for salary cap purposes and is intended to allow the Eagles to use the Kielce released on June 1 in 2022.

according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPNThere is a “poison pill” in Kells’ contract, which states that if he does not retire or be released before June 2, 2022, the Eagles will owe him $30 million.

In other words, unless another deal is reached between now and then, this will be Kells’ last season with the team. Admire him as much as you can.

Landon Dixon

If you don’t know, Dixon has His long list of injuries in the past, The most recent time was a torn ACL of his left knee and was injured in December 2020.

The Eagles think Dixon will play sometime this season. “We believe this will not be a red shirt season,” Howie Rothman said shortly after the draft. “[With Sidney Jones] We kind of said,’Hey, this is a guy, he won’t play this year, we just want him to do it right. ‘This is not what we think of Langdon. “

At the end of March, Dickerson made improvements in the context of the Mac Jones interview and did at least four rollovers in a row.

I am not a doctor, but this seems good? I do not know. In any case, the typical ACL recovery period is about eight or nine months, which will make Dickerson’s initial availability around August or September. Therefore, he has the opportunity to start a training camp on the NFI list. Considering Kelce’s salary (as mentioned above), and Dickerson will almost certainly not be fully prepared for full training before the start of the training camp in late July, so the semi-recent suggestion that Dickerson can push Kelce into the starting position is ridiculous.

Dixon’s promotion of Isaac Seumalo’s starting LG position is more feasible, but As we made on Wednesday Still not entirely logical, at least if the team still sees Seumalo as part of the team’s future. From the Hawks’ point of view, there is no reason for Dixon to take action. Assuming that all familiar names enter Week 1 relatively unharmed, in any case, there is no starting point inside the Hawks’ offensive line that can be used immediately. Seumalo will start at LG, Kelce at C and Brandon Brooks at RG. If one of them falls, Nate Herbig is ready to fill the vacancy.

However, as the season progresses, Dixon is likely to be on the court at some point because the Hawks had 110 billion starting OL combinations due to injuries last year, not to mention that they expect the average age of the starting offensive linebacker to be 29.4 years old. There were a total of 419 career starts in this season. Although Dixon may be the obvious heir to Kelce’s center, the bet here is that he will only play as a guard in 2021. If Kelsey falls, Sumalo will slide inside, but he is likely to be at least the first. An inside player bench, as long as he goes all out.

Luke Uriga

Juriga is an undrafted rookie free agent center in 2020. He participated in training sessions during the first three weeks of the season and was promoted to the active roster before the fourth week. He has been active in every game since, and actually participated in 13 games in 2020, mainly on special teams. He scored 14 steals in 3 regular offensive games, mainly as the sixth winger against the football team in Week 17.

He is the second team center during the OTA period and is likely to participate in training camp again, but due to the ability of Dixon and Sumaro to play center, Yurija is likely to reach the top 53 in the final.

Ross Pilschbach

Pierschbach is the fifth-round draft pick of the 2019 Alabama football team. At the end of last season, the Eagles poached him from the Washington training team. Pierschbach has played 8 games in his career, but has only one career breakthrough in the regular offense, and that was in the Eagles’ game against the Cardinals last year. I’m sure this is a magical moment.

Pierschbacher will try to stop Harry Crider because he has the right not to be a “lively boy”. You might ask what is a “lively boy”? In the 7 vs. 7 game, he must steal the ball, while the other offensive linebackers are trained 1-on-1. You don’t want to be a “lively boy”.

Harry Creed

Creed received a modest guarantee and signing bonus as an undrafted free agent. Considering the number of centers on the list, he is a very promising person to enter the final 53. Nevertheless, since Dixon may not be ready to play during training camp, the Eagles need an extra center body.

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