Delta variants pose a growing threat to world recovery

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Covid cases and vaccination

Total number of global cases: 185.0m

Total dose given: 3.3 billion

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latest news

  • The OECD says the pandemic may be Global democracy, The trust in the government is weakened by real or perceived mismanagement and corruption

  • The European Medicines Agency stated that it has found a link between the coronavirus injection and vaccination of Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer. Heart inflammation

  • Recruiting in Canada As Covid-19 restrictions began to relax, the rebound last month exceeded expectations

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“One of the biggest risks to global growth… is our premature announcement of our victory over Covid.”

The warning in the Financial Times interview comes from Mary DalyA senior official at the Federal Reserve said that evidence suggests that the delta form of the coronavirus is spreading, and the World Health Organization describes it as the “fastest and most appropriate” of all variants.

Despite the experience from the United Kingdom and other countries, the Delta case has pushed the infection to Weekly highest level Since late February, it seems to indicate that the vaccine is Reduce hospitalization and mortality Rate, attention is getting higher and higher. “Delta is more contagious, It can better find people with weakened immunity and infect them,” a public health official said. Today’s new research shows that this mutation is Early stages of the disease??.

Pharmaceutical companies are refocusing on what they can do to stop its progress.Pfizer and BioNTech will start clinical trials next month to study the first vaccine Especially suitable for Delta version.

At the same time IsraelLast month, one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world caused the government to abandon the final lockdown restrictions, but the fourth wave of infections driven by the delta forced people to rethink.In Asia, this variant led to a new blockade Seoul to SydneyThe death toll in Indonesia is on the rise, and the country’s vaccination program, which relies on China Huaxing, is progressing slowly and is hit by supply problems.

in JapanAs the number of cases reached the highest level since mid-May, after the authorities declared Tokyo a state of emergency, the Tokyo Olympics will be held without spectators. The most important game in the Japanese capital is not between athletes, but between vaccines and variants.

Read our explanationr Regarding the effectiveness of vaccines against Delta variants.

Global economy

Number of initial jobless claims in the U.S. The data is slightly higher, but it continues to show A recovering labor market The company’s recruitment accelerated in June.Minutes from Federal Reserve The policy meeting indicated that it may begin to contain its Emergency Debt Purchase Plan Earlier than expected.

Bottlenecks exacerbate people’s concerns British economic recovery may Lose motivationDue to shortages in sectors such as automobile production, the growth of goods and services in May was lower than expected.National “triple lock” guarantee State pension May be threatened As the government tries to control epidemic spending.Nearly 800,000 people Lost job last year -One million more than the previous official estimate.

Singapore Reporter Stefania Palma reported a Exodus of foreign professionals Coming from a city-state, frustrated by travel restrictions, vaccines, and fear of work. After the outbreak of Covid-19 last year, crowded immigrant houses swarmed in. At the same time, the authorities tried to reduce their dependence on foreign labor and also encountered difficulties in finding jobs.


Workplace in the UK Will be able to Throw away the maskThe British Financial Times revealed that as part of the massive economic reopening on July 19, social distancing and other coronavirus measures. Acas, the UK’s advisory, mediation and arbitration service, will issue guidelines on working from home to ensure that workers are not discriminated against and warn companies not to “over-monitor.”

Despite the surge in crude oil prices, some of the biggest American Petroleum Corporation Billions of dollars are being lost Hedging contract Signed at last year’s market low. Oil is traded at approximately US$75 per barrel, but one third of the 11 million barrels of oil that the country produces per day is only US$55.our Energy newsletter Assess the damage caused by the pandemic to the industry, or, as the chief economist of BP puts it, the “mother of all stress tests”.

Large shale group sells oil at below market prices

Although there are signs that the UK’s recovery may be losing momentum, companies are promising more Office and shop space, According to Greater Portland, One of the leading developers in London. The company also increased the rent it collects to 86% of the arrears this quarter.


European stocks As investors shed their worries about the economic slowdown, they rebounded today Global recovery As the company recovers from the shutdown, it is expected to buy opportunities before the peak earnings season in the second quarter.

This European Central Bank The strategic changes announced yesterday—for the first time in two decades—are aimed at Avoid the risk of premature rises in interest ratesOne of the driving forces of the debt crisis that began in 2011. FT Editorial Board, Pushing the bank towards the 2% inflation target, with greater tolerance for any slight overshoot.

Recent downturn Treasury bond yield Is causing a Investors rethink They previously believed that strong economic growth and higher inflation would lead to higher interest rates. Our marketing team looks at the knock-on effect of stocks and corporate borrowing costs.

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Jonsdottir review Regulators say Covid may make face-to-face industries more difficult to insure:

I know this is a relatively niche industry, but I am currently making TV shows. Although everyone in it should be isolated from the outside world as much as possible, there are still people who have brought Covid into the bubble and handed it over The actor, the actor was suspended for two weeks. As a result, the shooting had to reschedule, rebook locations and equipment, and paid about a hundred people during the closing period. This is a lot of money for production insurance.

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