Black Widow solves character trauma with tougher narrative

Black Widow solves character trauma with tougher narrative



It’s been two years Avengers: Endgame Shocked fans all over the world-but with Black widow Landing in theaters and airing on Friday, the franchise has entered a new, darker stage.

The independent film of Scarlett Johansson’s role of Black Widow (also known as Natasha Romanoff) brings the superhero back to her troubled past. Dreykov, the head of the Soviet “Red Room” training program, who turned her into a black widow assassin at a young age, developed terrible techniques to control his men.

Director Cate Shortland told CBC News when she first discussed the film with Johnson that she knew that the film would be a role-driven exploration of traumatic experiences.

“We talked about trauma, we talked about’how do you heal a broken heart?'” Shotland said. “So as soon as we talked about this, I went in. Because it’s not about,’How do we make a great movie?’ It’s,’How do we stay true to the role?'”

“This movie is about the conquest of women,” Johnson said In an interview with charm In July. “And the trauma that we have to help each other out. This is a movie about women supporting each other so that they can thrive.”

The director is carefully selected from the independent world

According to the Associated Press, Johansson was the first actor to be a Marvel film producer-she chose Shortland to lead the film.

This decision made the Australian-born filmmaker the first woman to independently direct a Marvel movie. (Captain MarvelAnna Boden and Ryan Fleck share the responsibilities of the director. )

But Shortland was not completely obscured.She comes from the independent world: her movies tumbling Selected in the “A Kind of Concern” unit at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival Berlin syndrome He is the nominee for the 2017 Sundance Music Festival Jury Awards.

Through her lens, even in the most explosive action clips, Black widow The foundation of its narrative must be maintained.

“Every action sequence must have a very powerful story. When we choreograph the actions and work with the stunt crew, I hope it feels very heartfelt,” Shotland said.

“[This way], You are in the narrative of the story, the drama-when you enter the action, it still feels like the same movie. “

In the true spirit of Marvel movies, Shortland also wanted Black widow Interestingly, it is inspired by Baz Luhrmann Moulin Rouge!

“I like spectacles,” she said. “So I always wanted it to be interesting and beautiful, but with heart.”

The team behind Black Widow was exhibited at the San Diego International Comic Con in July 2019. From left to right: Marvel Pictures President Kevin Fitch, Scarlett Johansson, David Haber, Florence Pugh, OT Fagbenle, director Kate Shortland and Rachel Weisz. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Women Black widow Have a common traumatic experience

One of the themes of this movie is sisterhood, because Black widow The protagonist collaborates with Yelena Bellova (Florence Pew), another product sister of the Red House training program.

As johnson Tell Yahoo!news, This relationship is a symbol of mutual support between women that emerged at a critical cultural moment: #MeToo movement was established in 2017 as Black widow Start development.

“Natasha is a victim of childhood trauma and exploitation-this is the past she doesn’t want to face, she is running away,” Johnson said.

“Then her sister, in some ways she is the kind of very conceited firecracker responsibility… [is] Basically forcing her to accept this, forcing her to face it. “

The important thing is Black widow Reflect the emotional evolution between characters Captain America: Civil War with Avengers: Endgame, Screenwriter Eric Pearson told The Associated Press in an interview with the Associated Press.

“We are studying what happened there,” Pearson said. “What happened when she went back to face her past, which opened her heart to the world, and ultimately led to her unprecedented sacrifice at the end of the world. End Game.”

Johnson, his character is Avengers: Endgame After the incident Black widow occur, Tell Reuters This may be the last time she played a superhero.

“I feel bittersweet about this. I would love to continue working with Marvel in another capacity, but I think that’s it.”


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