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President Joe Biden stated that the United States will take any action to protect its people and infrastructure from ransomware attacks.

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President Joe Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to take action against hackers in his country who have been accused of recent ransomware attacks affecting thousands of companies around the world, and warned that the United States will defend what is considered critical to the economy Important network.

Biden told reporters at the White House on Friday: “I made it clear to him that the United States expects the ransomware operation to be launched from his land. Although it is not sponsored by the state, we want him to act.” It took about an hour to talk.

According to a statement from the Kremlin, Putin told Biden that their cybersecurity discussions must be “professional and depoliticized,” and he welcomes “in-depth and constructive” cooperation on this issue. He pointed out that the United States did not request any assistance from Russia in the attack last month.

The White House said in a statement that Biden “emphasized that Russia needs to take action against ransomware organizations operating in Russia, and emphasized his commitment to continue to participate in countering the broader threat posed by ransomware.”

The statement said that Biden emphasized that in the face of this continuing challenge, the United States “will take any necessary actions to protect its people and their critical infrastructure.”

After a series of ransomware attacks believed to have originated in Russia, the US president was under pressure to respond, including a bold attack last week that affected more than 1,000 companies in at least 17 countries and regions. Cyber ??attack on the Republican National Committee.

According to people familiar with the matter, it is believed that REvil, a Russia-related ransomware group, is believed to be behind the attack affecting IT management software manufactured by Kaseya Ltd., and Russian government hackers are believed to be responsible for the RNC attack. The Biden administration has not officially blamed Russia for the two attacks.

Even though Biden set a red line for cyber attacks during the summit in Geneva last month with Putin, the attacks continue. Biden said that he provided Putin with a list at a meeting of 16 key departments that, if attacked, could provoke US retaliation.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Friday that REvil “does business in Russia and the rest of the world.”

But she said: “We have no more or new information that the Russian government directed these attacks.” She said at a briefing that US and Russian cyber officials will meet next week.

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