Uber driver killed in national city, loved ones mourned

Uber driver killed in national city, loved ones mourned


National City, California-A small memorial was formed on the sidewalk of the National City on Thursday, when friends were mourning Tijuana women. Stabbed to death When driving for Uber this week.

The police suspect a teenage girl stabbed 58-year-old Raquel Spohn Wehber at about 3 pm on July 6. A 911 caller reported that a woman was attacked in a car on Ranuitan Avenue. When the police arrived, they found Wehber did not respond.

Investigators said that the witnesses reported to the police that they found a girl who had fled the scene. Leading to the arrest of the suspectShe was put in the San Diego Juvenile Detention Center for murder, but there are still many questions about the cause of the stabbing.

The brutal attack left loved ones stunned. Friends told FOX 5 on Thursday that they laid down flowers, candles and a framed photo near the scene of her death and they were mourning the shortening of her life.

“I can’t believe how this happened. She has a lot of plans,” Beatrice Garcia said. “A very happy person. If you need her, she will be by your side.”

As for the alleged murderer: “The only thing I can say is that I hope she will be tried like an adult,” Garcia said.

Uber confirmed that a photo of Webber on social media belonged to their killed employee.

58-year-old Raquel Spohn Wehber appeared in a social media picture confirmed by Uber, belonging to their killed employee. (Photo: Facebook)

“The meaningless and cruel crime that took the life of Raquel Spohn Wehber is heartbreaking, and we are with her family. We are ready to cooperate with law enforcement in investigations,” Uber said in a statement to FOX 5. .

An Uber representative said the company plans to contact Webber’s family to provide support.

The National City Police said in a statement: “Detectives are obtaining a search warrant for the Uber account used in this incident.” “It has not been confirmed whether the suspect and Weber are acquaintances. It is not clear the motive of this crime. .”

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