The federal and British Columbia governments reach an agreement on parenting funding

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the government has reached an agreement with British Columbia on federal childcare funding.

Trudeau said on Thursday that the agreement stipulates that Ottawa will cooperate with the province to provide childcare services for children under six in supervised spaces at an average of $10 per day by 2027.

He stated that the goal of the transaction is to build 30,000 new spaces in British Columbia over the next five years and halve the cost of regulated spaces by the end of 2022.

BC is the first province to sign the Liberal Party’s proposal in the April budget, which promises to invest 27.2 billion Canadian dollars in five years from the beginning of the current fiscal year as the ruling party’s new spending to provide subsidies to the provinces for daycare .

The specific conditions attached to the pledge will determine what forms of childcare are eligible for federal funding and how much parental fees must be reduced in the next five years.

The Federal New Democracy Party stated that since 1993, the Liberal Party has promised to provide childcare services, but has not fulfilled it, and signs of preparation for possible elections have weakened the government’s stated priority to help parents.

Trudeau started his day behind closed doors in the Greater Vancouver area. He discussed with members of the Cabinet Incident Response Team about wildfires and the recent heat wave in British Columbia.

He will spend most of the remaining time in Coquitlam, where he will meet with the Governor of British Columbia, John Hogan, who will announce the childcare services with him.

The Prime Minister also held an afternoon meeting with the Mayor of Lytton and indigenous leaders from the Fraser Canyon community to discuss recovery from the wildfires that destroyed the village last week.

Trudeau will go on a cross-country trip this week after visiting Su Saint. Mary, Ontario, and Alberta and Saskatchewan.

New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh (Jagmeet Singh) launched his own tour, starting on Vancouver Island.

Singer and local New Democratic Party member Alistair McGregor will announce the party’s housing plan in Duncan.

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