Philadelphia’s four seasons total landscaping will hold a concert with Laura Jane Grace in August

Philadelphia’s four seasons total landscaping will hold a concert with Laura Jane Grace in August



In November last year, Philadelphia’s four-season total landscaping projects gained fame due to their unusual locations Trump campaign press conference and Rudy Giuliani, then the President’s personal lawyer.

People found it strange, funny, and charming, especially after the then President Donald Trump seemed to think it was held at the Four Seasons Hotel in the center of Philadelphia, rather than the landscaping company in northeast Philadelphia. Near sex shop When he first tweeted. He later clarified, but the joke has already begun.

Soon there will be a total beautification of the four seasons Goods for sale, Talk about a documentary with one Super Bowl ads.

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And now, a few months later, Four Seasons Total Landscaping once again demonstrated the versatility of its parking lot. A concert will be held at the same venue Rudy will give a speech in August.

The company shared the news on Twitter on Thursday morning, appointing Laura Jane Grace and Brendan Kelly as performers. Grace also teased the news in advance on Twitter.

Four Seasons Total Beautification also shared one Completely true, not fake at allImage Julian In the audition.

“This will be the first and last time Brendan and I will perform in front of the landscape company, and we guarantee that it will be better than that MAGA sh** performance,” Grace Said in a statement.

Further Twitter investigation found An event page For the concert on August 21, although the tickets seem to be sold out quickly.

If you do Although you ended up participating in the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Concert, this may be the best time to wear the Four Seasons Total Landscaping merchandise and show that you are a big fan of this quirky venue.


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