Philadelphia technical challenge, survey aims to make SEPTA more accessible

Philadelphia technical challenge, survey aims to make SEPTA more accessible



Emily Yates has seen examples of augmented reality technology making public transportation in cities such as New York and Barcelona more convenient. Now, she called on developers to accelerate the pace of Philadelphia.

Until August 2, the city is accepting submissions SEPTA for everyone: Augmented traffic with augmented realitychallenge. Mobiliya founder and CEO Krish Kupathil said that augmented reality (AR) captures digital information and superimposes it on the user’s physical environment in real time. An article in Public Transport Magazine.

Yates said the goal of this challenge is to produce a range of technologies that, when integrated into daily life, can make it easier for people with disabilities to drive buses, trains and trolleybus systems.This may mean from Metropolitan Transportation Authority app, It uses QR codes to provide audio instructions for the visually impaired, allowing them to walk to the last section of the bus station, or come up with something completely original.

I think people’s creativity is amazing, and that’s part of the reason why we leave the problem to the challenge in a very wide range.Said Yates, the director of SmartCityPHL. We want to provide space for people who are truly innovative and thinking about things we haven’t seen before. …I’m really happy to see what we really made people come up with because I think there are so many opportunities.

To help meet the AR challenge, city officials and SEPTA launched a survey to ask people with disabilities about their experience of using public transportation. They also talked with disabled riders, and they will share their story of sailing in Philadelphia at the challenge kick-off event on July 19.

Their insights are very, very important,Said Joanna Hecht, a salesman and pilot of SmartCityPHL.

The survey is available online before July 17, and the results will be shared in the launch event two days later. click here To complete the survey.

On August 20th, the judges will select 12 teams from the applicants to publicly present their ideas. When the field narrows down to finalists, their prototype will be displayed in late October with a prize of more than $35,000.

Some successful technologies can be used with SEPTA’s technology Rail transit pathfinding master plan, This could lead to major reforms to the transportation organization.

We are really studying everything, from the colors we use for typing to maps and symbols, you know, to make sure our system is as easy to understand as possible,Said Lex Powers, SEPTA’s strategic planning manager. For people with disabilities, for people who do not speak English. For new immigrants.

The challenge to make SEPTA more accessible Before the COVID-19 pandemic, passenger volume has continued to lag behind traffic volumeBowers said that he and his colleagues have carried out their work with the “central goal” of making people familiar and comfortable using public transportation again.

We certainly believe that the best way is to ensure that SEPTA can be easily used by all types of people.He says.


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