Martial arts legend Bruce Lee is a secret drug addict, heavy letter reveals

The letter revealed that the martial arts legend Bruce Lee was a secret drug addict.

Before his early death, the movie star of “Dragon Fighting Tiger Fighting” wrote more than 40 notes about his rising habits to a fellow actor.


Martial arts legend Bruce Lee made cola, hash and acidImage source: ©Fremantle

The letter to Robert Baker indicated that he provided Lee with drug Including cocaine, LSD and marijuana in 1969, until the star died in 1973 at the age of 32. They were found on the flea market and will be auctioned in the United States for approximately £160,000.

Although Hollywood whispers that Lee has a drug habit, these letters not only confirm this, but also reveal his dependence on drugs.

Baker died in 1993 at the age of 52. He even took a huge risk to transport drugs from the United States to Hong Kong while he was filming in Hong Kong. In 1972, Chinese-American Lee asked him to co-star in “Fist of Fury” to send him “a lot of cocaine.”

He explained that he was “stoned to death”, but some coke could help him shape the role of the upcoming movie.

In 1973, when he was filming the fight in Hong Kong, his wife Linda wrote on his behalf, apparently for drugs.

Bruce Lee's handwritten letter asking for drugs


Bruce Lee’s handwritten letter asking for drugsCredit: BNPS
The letters found at the flea market will be auctioned for 160,000 pounds


The letters found at the flea market will be auctioned for 160,000 poundsCredit: BNPS

She added in a letter dated April 14: “Don’t worry about Bruce using C-he won’t go overboard.”

One month later, Lee had a seizure and collapsed due to swelling of his brain.He recovered but Found dead in bed on July 20, 1973.

A spokesperson for Dallas Heritage Auctions said: “Bruce Lee is the most influential martial artist ever and a pop culture icon in the 20th century. These letters show that he is keeping an explosive secret.”

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