Love Island 2021 latest news-Rachel and Sharon burst into tears when they were abandoned by Liam and Aaron

Tonight, the Love Island girls will usher in a feast as a hot new boy is about to arrive at the villa-and cause chaos between the couple.

This ITV2 dating show A few days after inserting two hot girls to turn the boys’ heads and test their loyalty, another shocking blockbuster will be seen.

Now, it’s time for the girls to be tested, because a mysterious newcomer is about to enter Majorca villas, Let the boys “work harder than ever before grafting” to stay coupled.

A source specifically told The Sun: “The boys have two amazing newcomers to choose from, but now it’s the girls’ turn. Everyone will love the newcomer tonight and he will definitely shake this. Couple,” they added. Mystery man.

“The children may be very leisurely now, but they will have to work harder than ever to stay in the villa after tonight.”

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  • Very good, Chloe

    It’s not.

    Waffles, are you Chloe? Fans are crazy about it on Twitter.

    Did you see Chloe explaining to Katz why she tripped and tripped while stealing Toby in front of her?

  • Love freedom

    Did you see her reading Jack’s riots with her arms crossed?

    She made him realize what he got.

    “I will hug you… Maybe. Clumsy without a handkerchief, kiss.”

    Like her style.

  • Love triangle

    No wonder there is extra time tonight.

    When Katz asked Chloe to take action against Toby, the fireworks were about to begin.

    Do you see the look between them?

  • DCI Katz

    Did you see Kaz calling Chloe a new look for a snake?

    The matter between them is about to end.

    We feel… “Can I take you to a chat?” Soon.

  • Sorry Katz

    She promised foreplay and delivered.

    Do you see how embarrassed Chloe was when standing next to Katz after kissing her man Toby?

    Yes, she knows to move!

  • Do not!

    Did Rachel just fall down?

    Being sexy is not easy, is it?

    It is still her comeback.

    Go on, girl!

  • Increase temperature

    Faye is solving this problem.

    Have you seen Liam dizzy… holding his two bananas.

  • Fuming

    The fans have the final say.Oh toby

  • Katz disaster

    In the challenge, when Chloe kisses her boy Toby, do you see the expression on Katz’s face?

    Forget to pretend to be a policeman and call the FYA team after the hiss.

  • Chloe hates crafty people

    We heard it right.

    Uh, Kaz, don’t look.

    In fact, ruuuuunnnn!

  • Toby no!

    He is also very interested in Chloe.

    I mean, who is not?

    Have you seen him trip over his words while grafting her?Stable partner

  • Chloe is going to make her move

    Poor Katz.

    Make. it.Stop

  • Go to clo

    Uh, what does Chloe do now?

    Does she really just provide Toby with unlimited foreplay?

    Just like it is Nandos’ bottomless carbonated drink…

  • Sexy pajamas

    Hahaha! Sharon’s plan may be to seduce him with her sexy pajamas after Aaron cruelly dumped her.

    Did you see him when she walked in: “Oh, no!”

  • Through organization

    Oh no! Tears burst into his eyes.

    Have you seen Rachel also angry because of Brad?

  • Sprinkle tea

    Do you see that the meeting between mothers is happening between men?

    More importantly, we were shocked by Sharon’s tears.

    Did you see her figure?

  • Hissing

    Oh, did you see Toby and Snoggsville in the trailer?

    Telling you will get crazy tonight…

  • Hugo Door Rumble

    When Sharon and Fay accused him of using the word “fake” to describe a girl’s appearance, the entire country seemed to oppose “fake doors.”

    A fan wrote on Twitter: “Hugo’s comments on plastic surgery are not so deep, these girls are so unbearable.

    It just shows how unsafe they are, and no amount of plastic surgery can solve this problem. “

  • Too naive

    Fans already know how tonight will be.

    The race to find love has begun!

  • Extra time

    No, we are not talking about football-but on Love Island.

    Get ready to refill your water bottle or brew an extra-large cup of coffee, because the ITV2 dating show will last a full 20 minutes tonight, from 9pm to 10:20pm.

    Something big is going to happen, we can feel it!

  • Turn to

    Aaron’s dumping of Sharon may have nothing to do with the newcomer in the villa…

    of course not.

  • They think it’s over

    It’s now.

    reference Her quarrel with Hugo Hammond, Aaron told Sharon: “After yesterday, I really don’t like the way you react to everything.

    “I know you are very upset. The people I date usually deal with things very differently.

    “I do prefer a more calm person. We get along well, but I think there are some red flags.”

  • Hugh gotta go

    Fans still can’t overcome Aaron’s dumping of Sharon after Hugo’s furious use of the term “fake”.

    Model and event organizer Aaron Dumped her in a cruel way last night -Clear the way for a relationship with one of the new blockbusters.

  • Amber warning

    Love Island fans are shocked by the similarity between Millie Court and the Towie actor-but did you find out?

    Blond bombshell, 24 years old, entering next to the villa Lucinda Stratford last night.

    Now fans say she looks like Amber Turner.

    Let’s hope someone who looks like Dan Edgar walks in tonight!

  • Hugh is a lucky man

    Of course, it’s time for Hugo to rest.

    At dinner, well, things are getting better in the desert and Lucinda.

    Lucinda said, “I think you must surprise me.”

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