How do I use the NHS Covid vaccination app?

Grant Sharps confirmed that if the British want to avoid being quarantined when they arrive from a country on the Amber List, they must show proof of full vaccination.

But how do I show evidence and how do I get the NHS application? Here is everything you need to know…

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If you want to avoid being quarantined when returning from a country on the Amber List, you must show proof of complete vaccinationCredit: Agence France-Presse

How do I get the NHS app?

The NHS app is free to download from England and Wales Apple store If you have an iPhone Google play If you have Android.

It is different from the NHS COVID 19 app used for contact tracing.

Search for “NHS APP”, it should be the most popular result.

After downloading, you must fill in your details, such as your name, zip code, and NHS number, which will be linked back to your health records with your GP.

How is it used?

A new feature has been added to the NHS app that allows users to prove that they have been vaccinated or tested for Covid.

On May 7th, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated: “If needed, English people who have received both vaccines at the same time will be able to prove their Covid vaccination status through the NHS app from May 17th.

“Those who cannot access the app can call 119 from May 17 and ask the NHS to issue a letter certifying their vaccination status.”

The vaccine certificate is displayed in the app in the same way as the boarding pass on the flight-in the form of a QR code.

If I don’t have a smartphone, can I still download it?

Yes, the application can be downloaded to laptops and smart tablets.

Can I use it to travel?

Yes, you can use the app to travel.

The vaccine feature on the app will allow you to indicate to officials at home and abroad that you have been vaccinated or tested for coronavirus.

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