Haiti needs international support to investigate the president’s assassination: Michael Jean

Haiti needs international support to investigate the president’s assassination: Michael Jean


Former Canadian Governor-General Michael Jean said that the investigation into the assassination of the President of Haiti requires international support because the country’s national police has been infiltrated by criminal organizations.

“I think the police, the national police, have been infiltrated by… criminal organizations so much that they need some help from independent political parties and foreign support to conduct this investigation,” Jean was born in Haiti. , Tell CBC News Power and politics Thursday.

There seems to be little evidence that the attacker was strongly resisted by the security team of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse-Jean said this detail is worth investigating.

“Who in the country has the ability to sponsor and organize such criminal operations? In fact, who has enough influence to ensure that the security personnel at the scene will not resist?” Jean told the host David Cochran. “Because, in fact, nothing seems to be blocking their way.”

When asked who she thought might be behind the operation, Jean said that she would not reveal any names.

“But let me tell you, this is incredible, it shows that some criminal organizations and some incredible support are working hard to organize this, of course,” she said.

Haitian officials said Moise was killed overnight by a team of trained gunmen, some of whom could speak Spanish and English.

Most of the Haitian population speak French or Haitian Creole.

On Tuesday, at a ceremony commemorating the 218th anniversary of the birth of the Haitian flag in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, President Giovenel Moys (center), first lady Martina Moys (left) and interim Prime Minister Crow De Joseph (right) goes with him. May 18, 2021. (Joseph Odlin/Associated Press)

Haitian election minister Matthias Pierre told the Associated Press on Thursday, Two of the six arrested Those involved in the assassination were Haitian Americans-one of whom was reportedly a bodyguard at the Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti’s ambassador to the United States on Wednesday quoted video footage from the government’s possession to tell Reuters that the gunman mistakenly referred to himself as a US Drug Enforcement Agency agent.

First lady Martina Mois was also shot and wounded in the attack. She has already flown to Florida, where she is said to be in critical but stable condition. It is said that their children are safe.

‘The erosion of trust is comprehensive’

The assassination of Moise has plunged the Caribbean country into chaos and uncertainty.

Under Moise’s leadership, inflation and gang violence have gotten out of control. Due to corruption allegations and political disputes about when his presidency really ended, Moise passed the decree to govern for more than a year.

“This country is shocked. You can feel how much anxiety is in the air,” Jean said. “We are talking about a completely exhausted and overwhelmed population. People just endure too much.”

On June 9, 2018, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted Haitian President Jovenel Moise, who arrived in La Malbaie, Quebec for the official welcome of the G7 Summit ceremony. (Christine Muskie/Reuters)

Jean said that Moise was a “president who put himself above the law” and “colluded” with gangs.

Jean said that after he was assassinated, the opposition parties and civil society organizations in Haiti were facing “the urgent need to save the country.”

“There must be a dialogue. This will actually allow the coalition government to organize elections on the basis of the rule of law and democracy. Of course, in order to achieve this dialogue, the country — hoping to see the return of democracy and better allies in Haiti — must be there Ease this kind of dialogue, because it is very necessary,” Jean said.

US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the assassination on Wednesday.

Biden said: “We are shocked and saddened to hear the terrible assassination of President Jovenel Moise and the attack on Martin Moise, the first lady of Haiti. We condemn this heinous act. , I sincerely wish the first lady Moyes recovery.” Media statement.

Trudeau said in a media statement: “Our two countries are united by a strong friendship and built on lasting civil relations. Canada has a deep and long-term commitment to Haiti, and we are ready to provide whatever it needs. assistance.”

The UN Special Envoy for Haiti said on Thursday that Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph will lead the Caribbean countries until elections are held.

The first round of parliamentary and presidential elections is scheduled for September 26, and the second round of elections is scheduled to take place sometime in November.

Joseph told the Associated Press that he supports an international investigation into the assassination.

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