Danny Green criticized Philadelphia sports fans: “They can’t let you down”

Danny Green criticized Philadelphia sports fans: “They can’t let you down”



Danny Green retired from the NBA playoffs with a calf injury against the Atlanta Hawks. This was an underrated blow for the 76ers, as their championship battle collapsed in a tragic way—again. .

Most of Philadelphia’s anger comes from Director Ben Simmons with Dr Rivers -Almost all teams will be injured, this is part of the game-but it is hard not to imagine what the Hawks series would be if Green appeared on the court as an offensive outlet and veteran.

The three-time NBA championship is Pending free agent, Another offseason problem trusted by Darryl Morey and the 76ers think tank Will have to evaluate Because they plan for next season.

In most cases, Green was very dedicated and honest in his first year as the 76ers. His “Green Room” show is a deep and interesting observation behind the scenes of the player’s mentality and the perception of a man who has achieved great success in the NBA playoffs. Green is generally loved and appreciated by 76ers fans for his leadership on the court, understanding of the game and timely shooting.

But this week, Green made some attacks on Philadelphia sports fans because he thought that Philadelphia sports fans were too enthusiastic to the point of being severe.

Appear in John Clark and NBC Sports Philadelphia’s “Take Off” podcast, Green expressed his frustration with the fans and their reaction to Ben Simmons’ playoff shift. The following is the transcript of NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Clark: Do you think the crowd and Philadelphia will have an impact on people like Ben at those moments?

Green: Of course. It affects everyone, and I think this is something that the city needs to change. I love our fans, but when things don’t go well, they can’t let you down. This is one thing I disagree or dislike. Some people use it as motivation, some people have a bargaining chip, but I think this needs to change. No matter how things go, they need to ride with us.

We are the No. 1 team in the East and still play well, and in some games they boo us-it’s part of the culture here and part of the way they love us-but for people like Ben , And others, I think they need to stay behind them and stay as long as possible until the horn blows. Even so, he is here. He has paid so much for the team and the city, whether on the field or off the field, he should be respected and supported.

I hope this will get better for him and Philadelphia, so in a place where they don’t have the mantra of being cold, rough, and the worst fans in the league, because we had a great time this year, we had one Great outing. When they came and allowed the fans to return to the building, it was amazing. They have amazing energy, which is what we need, and I like it. I hope this will change him and the city. [NBC Sports Philadelphia]

Unsurprisingly, many people have opposed these comments and descriptions of fans who do not support Simmons. Simmons was cheered for simply walking to the free throw line and making two goals.

There are a few things to unzip here.

First of all, Green is probably looking in the wrong direction. You should know that it is best not to use any form of mention of the fans to cover up the failure. Their contribution to the team’s halo is far from zero, but in the final analysis, the players on the field must perform well and transcend the adversity of the game itself.Even President Biden knows Philly fans are annoying, but usually things are very good.

Secondly, the lasting memory of fans in this year’s playoffs will not be the boos of rain at the end of the seventh game, but the extreme shock and shock of people watching in the stands after the huge lead disappears. Depressed face. To understand most of the fans here, you must look into those painful eyes.

The collective resistance to Simmons, Rivers and the subsequent team was more about the way they lost than anything else.

In Green’s view, certain parts of the fan base are just rude and cruel. This is not unique to Philadelphia.Green and his upcoming bride Received death threats from Lakers fans After missing a key shot in the NBA Finals last season. This is more about the general pressure of being a professional athlete, being watched and censored by millions, rather than reflecting a particular city with a bad reputation, mainly because its teams tend to lose in more serious ways in history. ball. Unless they rebuild openly, the Philadelphia team will rarely be blamed, but they have never really achieved the kind of dynasty that can calm the dissatisfaction of fans.

Treat Green fairly, he could have been more critical than the actual situation. Philadelphia fans will overreact because their souls have just been crushed and they are bored with this conversation. Green tried to balance his criticism, at least one point, while still saying that fans should love the team and players unconditionally. This is unrealistic, and players who leave the city that loves them because of the business of the game will not return. Everyone understands this, and Green is at least trying to admit the views of the fans.

“There have been many setbacks over the years, I understand. We have a golden opportunity this year, and the people you are here will have many years. But enjoy it and love them,” Green said. “I love our fans, but I will try to let them know, “Protect us, encourage us, support us like we support you, whether we win or lose.” We are also human beings. We are not animals in the zoo, you can Throw things or stand by us when it’s convenient. I love the city of Philadelphia, and I love the fans. It’s a pretty big experience for me. I’ve been here for a year.”

This guy honestly expressed his feelings, agree or disagree, this is just a window to understand how the players view the fans. Cheering for the team is not for the convenience of winning or losing. Riding with a team may not even be execution. This is about a true assessment of the team’s strategy and the players’ efforts to promote themselves and develop.

Green may feel he has the ability to say these things because he has three rings, he is a free agent, and at this stage of his career, he is more like a mercenary than a hype.Dwight Howard’s comments Urge fans to support Ben Simmons Their overall intentions are no different, but Howard has been a hype by Philadelphia fans throughout the year, and he has carefully avoided criticizing the fans directly.

Players have a different view of the game than fans. This is good-and expected-but they should also understand their audience and situation.A spectacular playoff crash Foreseeable shortcomings that have not been corrected Will be forgotten by the boo, because the fans care about the team very much. They invested enough time and money, and when the team performed poorly, especially in these poor situations, they would reasonably feel sad and angry.

Green hopes the support of Philadelphia fans, especially young players, is not wrong. Their humanity and feelings will not be lost by anyone. When they are poisonous, the worst aspects of sports fans should be pointed out. Most fans try to complete this work on the message board and discourage anyone who is classless.

But Green erroneously failed to realize that Philadelphia fans already supported – more than most people – and he believed that the exaggerated sense of irony was just a by-product of focusing on the loud and negative parts of the fan base. In order to truly understand the complaints of the fans, Green had to face the frustrated expression in the crowd, because the 26-point lead disappeared.

That happened, and it’s over now. Most of the fans here are constructive and are already busy predicting how the team will improve next season.

Whether Green chooses to stay here will fully illustrate his joy of playing for the 76ers and Philadelphia fans. He had a great year, he missed the playoffs, and fans appreciate what he brought.


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