“Welcome back to Philadelphia” mural on Parkway encourages residents to get vaccinated

“Welcome back to Philadelphia” mural on Parkway encourages residents to get vaccinated



If you stroll around the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you will notice a new addition to the city: the 33,000 square foot floor mural beside Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Philadelphia Mural Art and the City of Philadelphia are committed to the project called “Welcome Back to Philadelphia” to celebrate the city’s reopening after the pandemic and encourage residents to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Local artist Felix St. Fort and a team of 42 artists and 70 volunteers worked for 7 days to paint this huge mural.

Mural art spokesperson Cari Feiler Bender told the Voice of Philadelphia that they used nearly 300 gallons of 100 colors of paint to create this mural.

The design represents all the communities in Philadelphia, with fireworks on the city landscape and riverfront.It was unveiled on July 4th holiday and is part of the city Vax Up, Philadelphia campaign.

“The goal of these designs is to communicate the importance of vaccination through the use of art, thereby establishing a connection with people on a more emotional level,” Mural Art said in a press release. “It’s important to see designs that represent all communities in Philadelphia, and it’s important to see messages that feel sincere, from the heart, and help build trust in this movement.”

The Philadelphia Vax Up event distributes posters and banners, flyers, postcards, mini murals, digital signs, etc. throughout the city to spread information. Mural Art employs more than 25 artists to create these materials.

The campaign is particularly focused on reaching communities where vaccination clinics or information about vaccines are not available, as well as those who are hesitant to vaccinate.

St. Fort is a native of Philadelphia and has been working as an artist for nearly 20 years.

My work reflects my interest in colors and shapes and how they interact to create forms. For me, composition and expression are everything, and I try to convey this in my work,Saint Fort said.

So far, 58.4% of eligible adults in the city have been fully vaccinated, and 72.4% have been vaccinated at least once. City data display. This Delta variant Now it is the most important variant of COVID-19 in the world, and scientists urge people to get vaccinated.

The dedication of the mural comes from the efforts of the city Redesign Park Avenue Make it more vibrant and welcoming to pedestrians. The city has narrowed down three proposals from construction companies that responded to its request for design proposals.

They are set to Show their redesign plan In a public speech at the Barnes Foundation on July 14th, before the city chooses a winner.

Residents can participate in the demonstration, but personal attendance is limited.This will be Live.


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