Two lightning strikes??: Tampa Bay wins the Cup again

Two lightning strikes??: Tampa Bay wins the Cup again


Tampa, Florida (Associated Press)-The Tampa Bay Chargers hit the ball twice with just one scoring and once again became the Stanley Cup champion.

With the support of their star goalkeeper and the only two unnamed Tampa Bay players, the Chargers defeated the Montreal Canadiens 1-0 in the 5th game on Wednesday night, second in 10 months. Won the game times.

Andrei Vasilevskiy was broken by the NHL in the 2020 finals for the fifth time in a row. In the last minute of the frenzy, he completed 22 saves and remained unbeaten after losing the past two playoff games, both of which were played in a deadly pandemic, and the Chargers topped the list every time.

Roscolton and David Savard were absent last year and made sure to leave their mark in the recent championship game in Tampa Bay. Sawad set Coleman’s goal in the middle of the second quarter, and the Canadians’ firm Kyrie Price aroused the enthusiasm of more than 17,000 fans at the Amalie Arena.

In September last year, the Chargers won the Cup in Edmonton, Alberta, in a quarantine area across the African continent. Tampa Bay joined Pittsburgh and became the only back-to-back cup champion in the salary cap era, but even more impressive is that it was completed in the virus agreement with the shortest championship interval in the long history of the NHL.

Due to the combination of Vasilevsky’s talent and one of the deepest lineups since the cap was implemented in 2005, the Chargers have never lost twice in a row, cementing their status as a modern dynasty.

How deep is it? Nikita Kucherov scored 32 points and became the only player with Mario Lemieu to lead the playoffs for two consecutive years, while Braden Point scored 14 goals in three rounds. Kucherov, Point and defender Victor Hedman were also injured.

This is too much for the Canadians, they again rely on Price to keep them in the game. He made 29 saves-one is too few to stop the Cup celebration for Tampa Bay.

The franchise rights of sunscreen belts in non-traditional markets that did not exist until 1992-93 were realized through the most legendary franchise rights of the NHL. The Chargers won the Cup for the third time in team history and stripped Montreal of the 25th league championship flag.

The Chargers also added another title to “Champa Bay,” which came after Tom Brady led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory in February. The Tampa Bay Rays participated in the World Series last fall.

The mayor of Tampa Bay once suggested that the Chargers lose their fourth game away so they can win at home. She got her wish because coach Jon Cooper’s team became the first since Chicago in 2015 A team that won the cup on the ice at home.

This not only paved the way for fans’ cheers, but also paved the way for family members to join the celebration, which is impossible in a bubble. Patrick Malone became the fourth player in NHL history to lead two teams to win the Cup for three consecutive years, while Kutcherov joined Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky as the only player in the back-to-back post-season A player who scored more than 30 points in the game.

The team overcame adversity in the first round of the 2019 playoffs, swept by Columbus, and promoted a back-to-back championship battle. They learned from each subsequent loss to build an unsustainable determination, because playoff hockey will pay a price.

For a team that started the playoffs with the worst record in 16 qualifiers, the Canadians’ performance in the playoffs is surprising. Since winning the Cup in 1993, Montreal has recovered in the first round of the 3-1 loss to Toronto, and eliminated Winnipeg and Vegas into the final round.


Associated Press hockey writer John Varro contributed.


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