The President of Haiti was assassinated in his home in a “barbaric act”: Interim Prime Minister

The President of Haiti was assassinated in his home in a “barbaric act”: Interim Prime Minister


Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said on Wednesday that Haitian President Yovenel Mois was shot and killed by an unidentified attacker in his private residence, which was an “inhumane and barbaric act”.

Joseph said in a statement that Moise’s wife was injured and is receiving medical treatment.

“The President was injured and died from these injuries,” Joseph said in an interview with Caribbean Radio.

Gunshots heard in the capital

Joseph said in the statement that the police and the army have taken control of the security situation, but after the attack, gunshots could be heard throughout the capital. The attack took place at a time when waves of politically-related violence in this poor Caribbean country were on the rise. The Dominican Republic said it is closing its border with Haiti on the island of Hispaniola.

Due to the political division of Haiti, the growing humanitarian crisis and food shortages, people are worried that there will be widespread chaos.

As gangs and police compete for control of the streets, violence in Port-au-Prince continues to increase.

Increased poverty and political instability have exacerbated this violence. Since taking office as president in 2017, Moise has faced fierce protests, and the opposition this year accused him of overdue term and becoming more authoritarian in seeking to establish a dictatorship-he denied these allegations.

Governed by law

“Everything is being taken to ensure the continuity of the country and protect the country,” Joseph said.

After the country failed to hold legislative elections and hoped to push for a controversial constitutional reform, Moise ruled by decree for more than a year.

The U.S. Embassy said in a statement that it will be closed on Wednesday due to the “ongoing security situation.”

On June 30, the United States condemned Haiti for systematic violations of human rights, fundamental freedoms, and attacks on the press, and urged the government to combat gangs and the spread of violence.

The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinad, held an emergency meeting on the situation earlier on Wednesday, but has not yet issued a statement.

The Haitian Embassy in Canada issued a statement:

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