The overturned building exercise in the university town resulted in one death and another injury

A Penn Medicine spokesperson said a 55-year-old man working on a construction site in the university town was crushed to death on Tuesday night when a large construction drill collapsed. According to reports, another man who was operating the drilling platform was also injured in the incident.

At around 9:10 p.m., after police and firefighters reacted at the 3100 block of Conference Avenue near Franklin Field and the Pennsylvania Museum, the man was spotted under the rig. Associated Press Say. According to NBC10At around 8:30 in the evening, the staff were using a drilling rig to remove the equipment from the tractor trailer and place it on the work site in the area.

It took about 15 minutes for first responders to rescue the man from the rig. He was then taken to the Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. 6ABC.

A Penn Medicine spokesperson said in a statement: “In this difficult time, we are with this person’s relatives and all his colleagues.”

According to the spokesperson, the construction equipment operator was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries but was treated and discharged on Wednesday morning. There were no reports of injuries to other people, and emergency officials said the incident did not cause major property damage.

“Fortunately, it was this time in the evening. This is an area with heavy traffic during the day. There may be greater danger for many people, but there are still two people injured here, so this is still a tragedy,” Philadelphia Assistant Fire Chief Charles Walker told 6ABC.

Photos posted on social media show the name of Cook Drilling Company, a company headquartered in Bucks County, on the side of the rig.This Company website Similar drill bits are shown and described as weighing 75 tons. The Cook Drilling Company told NBC10 that its owner was heading to the collapse site.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said the police are investigating the accident and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also expected to investigate.

On Wednesday morning, traffic on South Street near the construction site was slow, and Pennsylvania State Police blocked the Conference Avenue leading to the incident.

A Penn Medicine spokesperson said in a statement: “We are working closely with local authorities to investigate and ensure the safety of construction sites.” “We will provide more information as it becomes available.”

This is a developing story and may be updated.

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