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Outlier Ventures, a blockchain investment and accelerator network, announced that it has cooperated with Protocol laboratory start up Filecoin base camp, Its first collaborative accelerator will fast track the development of 40 startups File currency, IPFS, with libp2p As the core element of their stack.

Every year, Outlier Ventures will work with organizations such as Filecoin to promote the development of core blockchain technology to host dedicated “collaborative” accelerators; each is composed of at least ten startups, and these startups will participate in a five-month plan.

Base camp blockchain accelerator Help start-up companies to improve business strategies, achieve product market fit, stimulate community development, and define token design and governance.

Queue participants will have access to Outlier Venture’s investor and mentor network to support fundraising efforts; this is the ultimate goal of every Base Camp accelerator. In addition, the participating teams will receive investment from Outlier Ventures and Protocol Labs at the beginning of the project.

Filecoin accelerator

The Filecoin base camp will cultivate teams with commercial potential. These teams will use Filecoin’s decentralized storage stack to create Metaverse OS paper by Outlier Ventures.

The queue project of the Filecoin accelerator will be selected through the lens of developing the Filecoin ecosystem at various levels, such as:

  • application: Compared with Web 2 alternatives, a tool or dapp that uses the Filecoin storage layer to provide superior performance. Filecoin provides affordable high-quality storage that can be used by startups in any industry; even those that are not necessarily considered “Web 3.0 native”.
  • Middleware: Connect the services and technologies of the ecosystem by creating tools that use Filecoin and IPFS for various application domains.
  • Infrastructure: Developer tools and core infrastructure services support basic processes, such as file management, encryption, and general introductory processes using Filecoin and IPFS protocols.
  • “Pick and Shovel”: As the Filecoin ecosystem develops, there will be opportunities to be adjacent to Filecoin and enable the ecosystem to flourish. Examples here might include financial services, database coverage, Filecoin-based layer 2 protocols, and so on.
  • Novel interaction: Filecoin can be used to unlock new use cases for decentralized technology. By regularly providing a large amount of useful and verifiable storage; Filecoin provides a unique building block for the Web 3 ecosystem. Queue participants will create new protocols and interactions to take advantage of Filecoin’s advantages and composability.


Participants will be exposed to Outlier Ventures and Protocol laboratory; Provide founders with opportunities to expand technology and develop business.

Those who are interested in applying Filecoin base camp You can schedule office hours with representatives of Filecoin and Outlier Ventures to learn more about how accelerators can play a key role in facilitating the development of their projects. Applications for the program are now open and will close on July 28, 2021.

This Filecoin developer community It is one of the most active organizations in the Web 3 space. The Filecoin ecosystem has hundreds of applications built on the protocol; many developers enter the ecosystem through hackathons, education, and investment programs. The Filecoin network currently exceeds 6.44EIB Storage capacity promised by more than 2,300 miners.

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