New York man killed in parachuting accident in East Stroudsburg

New York man killed in parachuting accident in East Stroudsburg


Pennsylvania State Police said an experienced skydiver was injured in an accident at a popular facility in East Stroudsburg on Monday.

The incident occurred at around 2:30 pm at Sky’s the Limit, a parachuting center in Poconos.

Emergency workers found the 35-year-old victim unresponsive on the ground and rushed him to the Lehigh Valley Hospital in Cedar Peak, where he was pronounced dead.

The victim was later identified as Frank Kancso of Staten Island, New York. Kancso was a cameraman at Sky’s the Limit and had extensive skydiving experience. Pocono Records Report.

“Frank is not only my friend, but also a member of our STL family,” Sky’s the Limit employee Teresa Rivers said in a statement. Facebook posts Wednesday morning. “He bought a unique atmosphere and gift for STL. It will never be replaced and will always be missed. At this very difficult time, I express my love, support and prayers to his family. Frank, You will always have a place in my heart. Heart.”

Kancso’s autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday morning, and investigations into the cause of his death are still ongoing.

Prior to the incident, another experienced skydiver, 74-year-old Edward Harney, was killed in an accident at Sky’s the Limit after jumping from 14,000 feet in April.

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