New Jersey allocated $4 million to repair the Wildwood Boardwalk, which officials said was not enough

The Wildwood Boardwalk is one of the main attractions on the Jersey Shore and will receive $4 million in funding for long-term maintenance, but local officials said this is only a small part of its needs.

New Jersey allocated funds earlier this week, According to the Associated PressBut officials from the City of Wildwood stated that the cost of maintenance could be as high as $60 million.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy went to Wildwood to meet with Mayor Pete Byron on July 4 and stated that the state’s budget had $4 million for repairs.

Anyway, this is an iconic boardwalkMurphy said, Atlantic City Press Report. This is the boardwalk in the United States, and the extent to which we correctly rebuilt this thing has had a huge positive impact on the boardwalk, the corporate (and) tourism on the boardwalk.

Crowds of people flocked to the boardwalk Weekend of July 4 as well as. Due to the pandemic, last year’s July 4th event has been cancelled.

in April 2020, A storm damaged parts of the boardwalk deck near the conference center, which were aging and needed repairs.

The storm’s gusts reached 87 miles per hour, blowing away parts of the boardwalk, knocking down trees and damaging buildings.

Byron said the city has developed a maintenance plan of approximately $35 million. They will start repairs on Burk Avenue, where repairs are most needed, and will repair them several blocks at a time.

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