Major League Baseball Rumor: It’s crazy for Phillies to “not explore” the Wheeler trade, but buying might be a better move

After watching (read: I heard, because that’s where I’m currently with this team) the Phillies have made saves again and again in the past few weeks and are still trying to understand how to change in the bullpen again It’s such a bad season, it feels almost absurd to write this, but here…

Maybe the Phillies should be buyers before the deadline.

Please take a deep breath before you accuse me of overreacting to several victories of Padres and the free-falling Cubs. That’s not this. Of course, they have risen from fourth to second in the Eastern Conference of the National League, but they are still four games behind the Mets, just a slight improvement from last week.

No, it’s about playing the market correctly and taking advantage of what may be a rare buyer’s market before the transaction deadline.

In Bastolney’s ESPN’s latest column, The veteran baseball scribe took a look at the current playoff situation and believed, Since there is such a big difference between the proletarian and the proletarian in Major League Baseball, There will be fewer mid-range teams with buying incentives, so If one of the teams decides to fill this gap, it creates a potential opportunity. According to FanGraphs data, in the NL West, the top three teams (Dodgers, Giants, and Padres) have at least 83% chance of making the playoffs, while the Dodgers have more than 99%. Then at NL Central, Brewers had an 85.7% chance of making the playoffs, and Mets was the lowest of all division leaders, but still had a 79.4% chance.

This makes other teams—those looking outside and need to quickly decide whether they want to be buyers, sellers, or neither—the odds are much higher than you would normally see at this time of the year.

• Red Army: 19.0%
Brave: 13.8%
Phillies: 11.5%
Cub: 6.3%
National: 5.6%
Cardinals: 2.3%

At the same time, FanDuel’s odds setter allowed the Phillies to win the World Series with a score of +6000 and tied for 16th in the MLB. According to Pickswise.

So why does the Phillies only have an 11.5% chance of making the playoffs, and the probability of winning all of this is much greater, and why do you want to increase the game before the deadline? Well, for beginners, winning the World Series is not the only reason to buy. The Phillies need to enter the playoffs again, something they have not been able to do in ten years. In addition, they may take advantage of the lack of buyers to buy things at cheaper prices than in previous years.

The problem there, as Bryce Harper himself Admitted a few weeks ago, It is the Phillies have nothing to offer in terms of the prospect of attracting other teams to trade.But maybe Dave Dombrowski has a history of taking action before the deadline (although usually Only when his team ranks first), you can find out between now and July 31.

The Phillies currently have the starting pitcher ability to enter the playoffs, even if Aaron Nola and Zac Evelyn had not so good seasons. Zack Wheeler pitches like a Cy Young champion. Their lineup finally became healthy at the same time and began to function. Although their bullpen needed help the most, they still managed to win some games.

But most importantly, there may be many teams, even teams with slightly higher odds in the playoffs than the Phillies, want to sell. Olney provided more information. He mentioned that the Phillies may be the sellers, but at the same time said they seem unlikely to use their best trading chips.

The Chicago Cubs may transfer Kobe, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Jock Pedersen, and of course the closer Craig Kimbrel, who may become the most popular target. If the Washington Nationals decide to step down, they will have attractive veterans, from Max Scherzer to Kyle Schwarber (currently in IL). If they are out of touch with the Mets, the Atlanta Warriors have signed a one-year contract with Charlie Morton and Drust Miley. Other executives will check the Cincinnati Redskins roster to see possible games, especially if Cincinnati struggles to adjust salaries. If the Cardinals continue to languish, the St. Louis front desk can ask Adam Wainwright what his preference for the rest of the year is—to stay with the Cardinals or go to a team with a better chance to enter the playoffs.

You would assume that some teams would ask the Philadelphia Phillies if they would be interested in talking about Zach Wheeler-the Phillies would go crazy and not explore the possibility of Wheeler’s return, and right-handers would dominate, and thus How the resulting salary flexibility will serve them in 2022. Record: Phillies owner John Middleton announced in the winter that he would not trade Babe Ruth with Wheeler. []

So if the Phillies don’t plan to use their best assets (I don’t blame them for not wanting to move their ace), then maybe they’d better try to load it up for a run, rather than pack it up and hope for something better next year As a result, or worse, after a decade of non-playoff baseball in Philadelphia, it began to rebuild again.

If you still think the Phillies’ efforts are crazy, think about the Phoenix Suns, who led the Milwaukee Bucks 1-0 in the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. Of course, this is a different sport, but their performance this season can be used as a blueprint for the Phillies. Here are more Albert Burneko from Defector, including some NSFW languages.

In most cases, most front desks are more eager to find excuses to unplug their own—empty their roster and enter the tank for a few years—rather than bolt for a ring. This is good for profits and job security for executives. It puts downward pressure on the salaries of coaches and players throughout the league. And, thanks to reliable media clowns who are willing to accept Silicon Valley motto and process nonsense, if this helps them. To manage fantasy, it hardly comes with any responsibilities. If the Suns’ executives responded to their fifth consecutive record of less than 0.500 last season by selling their team’s young players and restarting the club’s endless rebuilding, I might not even have to tell you exactly which basketball bloggers. They will be praised for being serious about the purpose of the reward. Instead, the Suns traded four players and a protected first-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder (the organization blatantly jumped into the tank immediately after it unexpectedly appeared in the playoffs) in exchange for 35 at the time. Year-old-old Chris Paul, this move is completely meaningless, unless it is to improve a bad team as soon as possible.So fucking cool []

The Phillies’ position is similar to that of the Suns. In a strange year when anything can happen, perhaps taking a risk is not the worst idea. At least, the Phillies are only four games behind with saves and a lineup that has been struggling and is only now starting to unite, which should give them some hope. Adding one or two works can not only show confidence in this team, but also allow them to start quickly. This team has entered the playoffs for the first time since 2011.

For this reason alone, it’s worth trying (and passing it, We mean playoff seats, not world championships, which seems a bit out of reach at the moment).

Now, Dombrowski and Co. must figure out what other teams they might want on the farm. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for Philadelphians.

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