“I think you should leave” exacerbated the absurdity in the unbalanced season 2

“You think it’s funny,” a producer said to Tim Robinson in the first episode of a prank parody. I think you should leaveThe second season. “I think it’s funny,” Robinson replied, and while he was considering stealing a stranger’s lunch, he was struggling to breathe for a funny and exaggerated prosthesis, and fell deeply into existential fear. .

This contrast is at the core of Season 2 I think you should leave, Since its release in spring 2019, the static screen of this boisterous comedy has made the show a secondary purpose of the meme factory.

on the surface, I think you should leave Based on the same premise of ordinary comedy sketches, the scenes in real life are placed in front of the mirror in the amusement park, and they are ridiculed and distorted. During the opening season, ITYSL wondered aloud what would happen if someone sang “If you are horny, honk!”. The bumper sticker is very serious, exaggeratingly throwing your nanny under the bus to be late for a party, and creating an unforgettable car focus group, arguing whether there is a steering wheel that does not fly out of the window when you use it.

Season 2 is not only more weird, but it relies on more specific premises than ever before. At the beginning of the season, Robinson was annoyed that lunch had to be interrupted in order to attend an emergency meeting-“You can’t skip lunch!”-The transition to a multi-episode arc requires the invention of a hot dog vacuum cleaner. Santa is among the bloody stars, John Wick-The action movie in episode 3, finally participated in the press conference of the film and told a confused reporter that the power of Santa Claus allowed him (or might force him) to see all citizens on the planet naked to make sure They are on a naughty or nice scale.

Except for the sketches at the end of each episode??, which are often longer and more refined than the previous episodes, Robinson and a group of talented accomplices flew across the venue at a distorted speed.Sam Richardson is back this time to host a more ridiculous children’s beauty pageant. Every time Connor O’Malley appears on the screen, it means chaos. Patty Harrison forces a driver squad to consider how simple a person’s career is, “table.” From Bob Odencock Since he co-hosted, his career has undergone a more serious transformation in these two decades Mr. Xiu, Great (if gloomy), and one of the highlights of the season.

However, the speed of the season may be an issue. Another difference between ITYSL and the like, for example, Chappelle’s performance, The sketch of the former is not introduced. There is a very good argument to cut fat and focus on people’s purpose here, sketches, but it can produce dizzying effects because Robinson and his company jump from one premise to another, each episode only runs Approximately 16 minutes. And, just like in Season 1, there are only 6, and if you want, you can complete the entire season in less than two hours.

This eventually had a slow impact on the first season, and over time, fans began to cherish each individual sketch because of the limited number of options available. However, it does increase the importance of each part of each episode, and each sketch always provides a nice part here.

In the initial viewing, Season 2 felt slightly boring than its predecessor, partly because it didn’t seem to pay much attention to pure comedy moments. There are many more of this-the haunted house sketch that ended the first episode is very interesting. Richardson pointed to a child and said, “Look at this little brick trash house” that made me stitch the first time I watched it. But there are a few lengthy fragments that start with laughter and then turn into uncomfortable embarrassment. Some receive follow-up processing. Based on the advantages of the original sketch, it feels free. This is a season of little laughter, contemplating things like whether babies believe bad people will eventually change, and what happens when a man makes a joke at the expense of his wife but doesn’t really mean it.

However, it is almost certainly worth your time and still full of moments of laughter. Coffin Flop is a show that records cheap coffins distributed under the dead. It is an incredible TV premise, and it will inevitably come true one day. At its core, I think you should leave It’s still not that far away from the world in which we actually live, because it dares to wonder what would happen if it answered ironically to a stranger, “Can you drive?” It’s simple, “No.”

The carnival mode prevents ITYSL from having a culture, a water cooler moment, “I am Rick James, bitch!” and it is fair to question whether a season with ejaculation ghosts as the best gimmick can occupy such a lofty place in the comedy pantheon. status. I think you should leave Sometimes it is too ridiculous to attract the attention of the mass audience.

But the people it applies to will undoubtedly find a lot of people who are worthy of love in Season 2, ready to fight to the death for a Dan Flashes shirt and eat a sloppy steak or two. ITYSL Memetic Economy will add a lot of new content in a few months, so you might as well be one step ahead and let the second season show your skills.

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