FirstFT: The Pentagon cancels cloud transactions

FirstFT: The Pentagon cancels cloud transactions



The Pentagon has Cancel the highly sensitive $10 billion Jedi cloud computing contract This has been awarded to Microsoft to draw a line in the controversial government bidding process that has been compromised by the alleged intervention by Donald Trump.

The US Department of Defense said yesterday that it will change its decision to hand over most of the data and communications to a company and will initiate new procurement procedures.

This decision may end the long-term legal dispute caused by the 2019 decision to award the so-called joint enterprise defense infrastructure contract to Microsoft only.

“The department has determined that due to changing needs, increasing cloud computing capabilities, and industry advancements, the Jedi Cloud contract no longer meets its needs”-Pentagon Acting Chief Information Officer John Sherman (John Sherman).

There are five more stories in the news

1. Dididi Didi The market value has shrunk by one-fifth After the Chinese regulator announced an investigation into the ride-hailing app that raised more than $4 billion in the New York IPO last week. Before the opening of the market, China stated that it would tighten restrictions on companies holding sensitive data from listing overseas, which aroused investor anxiety before the transaction began.

2. The influence of Saudi Arabia-UAE The relationship between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi is so bad that Neither party can agree How to end Monday’s private discussions between OPEC members and allies. This conflict opened a rift at the core of OPEC.come and see What’s next for oil prices.

3. Can the G7 tax agreement survive the deadlock in the United States? Joe Biden celebrated last week after 130 countries agreed to make major changes to the international tax system, after a new proposal by the United States brought what seemed to be a deadlock to a deadlock in negotiations.But momentum It is possible to get lost in Washington.

4. Manufacturers look for key components When it comes to supply chain shortages, Scott Wine of CNH Industrial is not too worried about chips, but about tubes and tires.The manufacturers of tractors, trucks and construction equipment are Efforts to purchase parts As the global economy recovers.

5. British railway reforms are off track British Railway Reform Risk is reduced According to a report by the parliamentary expenditure monitoring agency, due to lack of urgency and convincing plans. The industry is on the cusp of the largest restructuring since the 1990s, but there are concerns about “overly optimistic” in the transportation sector.

Coronavirus Digest

  • The head of business and health warned, United Kingdom face Chaos in the workplace, If the restrictions are lifted as planned on July 19, 2 million people will be at risk of contracting Covid-19 every week.

  • This Delta variant Unvaccinated young people surge Catapult Spanish The infection rate is highest in continental Europe.

  • This Mayor of London Defend the decision Allow Wembley Stadium to host more than 60,000 fans in the final stage of the 2020 European Football Championship.

  • Covid-19 died in custody 84-year-old Jesuit priest Who dedicated his life to him IndiaThe indigenous forest dwellers in anger angered activists, who said he was the victim of Narendra Modi’s suppression of dissent.

  • The pandemic may cause Permanent reduction in order to Insured The EU’s top regulator warned that businesses that rely on physical contact.

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the day before

OECD employment prospects Annual employment data Released today It will provide insights into the global economic recovery, the most worrying of which are developing countries that have not yet felt the full impact of the coronavirus crisis. (OECD)

U.S. employment U.S. job vacancies Soar In recent months, it reached 9.3 million in April-a level Economists expect Will be maintained in May. (“Financial Times”, “Wall Street Journal”)

Economic data German industrial output data for May is Expired. The production index unexpectedly dropped in April.

England vs Denmark England will face Denmark in the semi-finals of the European Cup in 2020 today, trying to reach the first major tournament final in 55 years-but regardless of winning or losing, social influence Probably feel it.The winner will Challenge Italy, Which surpassed Spain on the penalty kick.

Sweden’s new government The country’s parliament is Is expected to decide After a vote of no confidence last month that Stefan Lofven was deported, whether to extend his term as prime minister. (FT)

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What are we still reading

You are not fired Nearly half of American workers said they lost a job Bad reason or no reason at allNew York City is trying to change this precarious situation: Starting this week, fast food companies with at least 30 stores across the country must prove “justified reasons”, that is, objective operations or behavior-related reasons, in order to lay off employees.

Johnson’s Brexit won a victory that was not worth the loss Boris Johnson won a referendum on EU membership and rebuilt his country. But is it good or bad for him to do this? Did he increase the opportunities for the British, or did he reduce them? Does he make Britain more influential and prosperous, or is it less important? Martin Wolf’s answer All these questions are: the latter.

Overbearing business class No one knows how much business travel, budget tightening and environmental awareness will be permanently lost by Zoom, Philip Georgiadis wrote. But as the pandemic spreads in the aviation sector and suppresses corporate travel, wealthy holidaymakers will occupy premium seats.

Lex: Carbon price

Post-pandemic travel In Greece, The tourist is back, If not as much as expected in the historical center of Athens. Most of the mask was taken off, revealing a contented, sunny face—perhaps a hint of lingering anxiety. (New York Times)

Dynasty changes in Manila Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the former president of the Philippines and the son of a democratic icon, died on June 24. Dynasty-dominated political structure: President Rodrigo Duterte’s family is on the rise. With his support, the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos family, the nemesis of the Aquino family, is reborn. (Nikkei Asia)


How bittersweet it is to suddenly become a star during the lockdown. Phoebe Dynevor, as Ingénue Daphne in the sexy Georgian TV series Bridgetown, Became famous overnight in the most claustrophobic period in modern history. But the 26-year-old has never been able to become famous in the public. On the contrary, like the rest of us, She has to stay at home.

Phoebe Danivo

“It’s really surreal,” Dynevor said. “I still feel that no one knows who I am, but then I was recognized.” © Thomas Lowe

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