Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Defenders

Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Defenders



Before the start of training camp (basically when there is no other news to report), we will look at every player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how well they fit the team. Today we will take a look at the guards.

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QuarterbackRun backOffensive tackle

Under normal circumstances, we will put all the inside offensive strikers in one article, but there are currently five centers on the roster, so we will give them their own positions. This is the depth map of the guard:

with 1 2 3
LG Isaac Sumaro Nate Herbig Sua Opeta
RG Brandon Brooks Matt Pryor Kayod Awosica

Brandon Brooks

In June 2020, Brooks tore his Achilles tendon, ending his season before the start of the season. This is his third serious injury in 18 months:

  1. January 13, 2019: Brooks tore his right Achilles tendon during the Eagles’ loss to the Saints in the divisional round.
  2. December 29, 2019: Brooks suffered an end-of-season shoulder injury (requiring surgery) during the Hawks’ victory over the Giants in Week 17 of the NFC Eastern Conference Finals.
  3. June 2020: Brooks tears his left Achilles tendon.

He was able to recover from his first Achilles tendon tear in time at the beginning of the 2019 regular season, which is a very impressive feat for a 340-pound man. In his recent Achilles recovery, he was able to practice with the team on the eve of the Eagles’ Week 17 tank game against Washington. Then in addition to overcoming major injuries and playing at a high level, Brooks also bravely confronted anxiety and became one of the team leaders in the locker room. Therefore, if anyone can overcome the second Achilles tendon rupture, it is him.

Unlike 2019, Brooks will prepare for the start of training camp in 2021.

The Hawks used Brooks as a trade bait this offseason, and Brooks himself admits this. That makes sense. He will turn 32 in August in a team that is being rebuilt. If Brooks plays well and the Hawks become a seller before the trade deadline, he might be able to help a team with Super Bowl ambitions.

Isaac Sumaro

Seumalo experienced some difficult moments early in his career, but has since settled down and become a solid but unobtrusive LG starter. However, an interesting debate I saw during this offseason is whether Seumalo’s starting job is the same.

Jason Kelce will start with C, and Brooks will start with RG. Of course, the team also selected the versatile Landon Dickerson (Landon Dickerson) of the guard center with the 37th overall pick. If Dixon’s ACL recovers smoothly and he proves to be better than Sumalo in some way, then at least in 2021, the best lineup is for Dixon to start at LG, with Sumalo as the main player of the three. The offensive line point of the substitute inside.

This may not be realistic. First, it is difficult for Dixon to prove that he should start immediately, because he will almost certainly not become a full participant during training camp. Moreover, as Brooks’ time in Philadelphia may gradually end and Kells is about to retire, the Hawks will need Sumaro and Dixon to start in 2022, and possibly even further. The most sensible approach may be to continue to launch Seumalo on LG, while not urging Dickerson to take action prematurely.

Nate Herbig

Herbig played 15 games in 2020 and started 12 games. He played quite well, shuttled back and forth between RG and LG. His beginning:

• Weeks 1 and 2: RG

• Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6: LG

• Week 7: RG

• Week 8: LG

• Weeks 14, 15, 16, and 17: RG

Herbig took a total of 891 snapshots, second only to Kelce. In addition to gaining valuable experience in the two guard positions, Herbig is also training at the center position, and he is still very young because he will turn 23 on Saturday.

Although he may not be an ideal starter due to his athletic limitations, Herbig has shown that he can play multiple inside O-line positions and can at least be a long-term deep player.

Matt Pryor

In the first two years of his career, Pryor worked mainly at RG and RT. He started two games for the Hawks in 2019, both against the Seahawks in RG. In Andre Dillard’s nightmarish game in the first half, he played RT in a game with the Seahawks.

In 2020, Pryor has had a strange year because he has become too important for this team. Let’s review his 2020 season:

• In the 2020 offseason, after Brooks suffered the most serious injury, Pryor became the new starter for RG, unless the roster is increased.

• The Hawks signed Jason Peters to play RG. Pryor returned to the bench on the depth map.

• Dillard, considered a starter for LT, injured his biceps and his season is over. Jason Peters subsequently refused to move to LT without a salary to replace Dillard. At the same time, Pryor played LT’s first breakthrough in practice with a first-team offense.

• In the melee environment during the Lincoln Financial Field training camp, Pryor was completely messed up by Josh Sweet all day. It is essentially the “Winston Justice Game” equivalent to training camp practice. Peters must have watched all this unfold, as if Mr. Burns stretched out his finger and said “excellent”.

• The Hawks eventually paid Peters, and he returned to LT. In week 1, Nate Herbig started at RG and Jack Driscoll started at RT. During the game, Driscoll was injured and Jordan Mailata, who was more comfortable with LT than RT, made up. Pryor, who is more comfortable with RT than LT, remains on the bench. In other words, Pryor is at best the tenth winger in the pecking order. He was surpassed by Herbig, Driscoll and Mailata.

• However, in the end, due to the absurd number of injuries on the offensive line, he played 15 games in 2020, starting 10 games (RG 6 games, RT 4 games).

There are currently at least nine players on the depth map more important than Pryor. They are Lane Johnson, Brooks, Kelce, Seumalo, Mailata, Dillard, Dickerson, Driscoll and Herbig. In addition to these nine players, there are Sua Opetta, who has performed well in the two starts, and Le Lavin Clark, another all-around defensive tackle. The team can temporarily hide on the PUP list. Activate him if necessary (after six weeks).

Pryor may have a difficult climb to make the list, and may be trading bait (obviously for meager returns).

Sua Opeta

We actually did Learn more about Opeta’s 2020 season (Haha). One of the glimmers of hope that so many offensive forwards fell last season is that we saw some young substitutes for the first time. In particular, the role of Mailata and Herbig far exceeded anyone’s expectations, and both players helped themselves in the important roles they might play in the future. I believe Opeta has played well enough in his two or more games, and it deserves some optimism.

But again, like Pryor we mentioned above, Opeta has a lot of offensive linebackers to fight against, and he may need one or two injuries to build a team. The bet here is that if the Hawks abandon Opeta, someone will take him.

Kayod Awosica

After the Eagles gave up QB Jamie Newman and WR Trevon Grimes, the next highest-rated undrafted free agent signed by the Eagles this offseason is Awosika.

Awosika made a tackle for the University of Buffalo, but at 6’3, 312, he was turning to a higher-level guard. He played on both sides of the Buffalo team and he was a base runner. Running back Jaret Patterson had 3,884 rushing yards in his last three seasons in Buffalo, and Awoskia was part of his success:

Awoskia got a deposit of $112,500 from the Eagles, Dave Zangaro, Which makes him an excellent choice for practice classes.

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