During the George Floyd protest last year, the man was accused of assaulting cyclists in Fishtown

During the George Floyd protest last year, the man was accused of assaulting cyclists in Fishtown



A Philadelphia man faces charges of assault for allegedly assaulting a cyclist during a tense standoff in Fishtown last year, when the conflict between racial justice protesters and armed police officers escalated into physical conflict.

District Attorney Larry Krasner announced on Wednesday that it had filed charges against 45-year-old Richard Goodwin who allegedly had been near the intersection of Burks Street and Girard Avenue on June 1, 2020 The attack was carried out.

According to investigators, the incident occurred when demonstrators gathered in the area during protests across Philadelphia after the police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. Armed police launched a counter-protest on the other side of the street. Some people claimed to be there to prevent fish town’s businesses from being robbed and to “protect” the 26th district police.

After the Fishtown protests, a special investigative team formed by the DA office collected evidence from the public to bring charges against those responsible for several reported violent attacks and harassment.

As the protests intensified on June 1, a man who had participated in another protest in Central City was riding back home through Fishtown. The prosecutor said that when the man and a companion rode through the confrontation on Girard Ave., the man raised his fist in support of the racial justice protesters.

Meanwhile, Goodwin and a group of other people, some of them holding baseball bats, are in the area. Allegedly, some people threw water bottles at the cyclists before Goodwin chased him and pushed him off the bicycle. Allegedly, Goodwin repeatedly beat the man on the head and face and took blood. Bystanders tried to intervene, and witnesses took photos that would later be used to identify Goodwin.

At the time of the incident, the 26 district police were criticism Obviously get along with armed volunteers and allow their threatening behavior.Armed residents have been Condemned by Mayor Jim Kenny and Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, Who started investigating the internal affairs of the incident, the behavior of the fish town police during the protest.

Goodwin, whose criminal history includes Robbery and theft charges, Is the second person to be charged in connection with the attack in Fishtown last June.He also filed an assault charge against 37-year-old George Graff, who allegedly WHYY reporter before the attack The same day as a woman who was riding a bicycle was attacked.

Just as our city and country continue to face systemic racism and injustice, the Philadelphia DA Office continues to investigate property destruction, theft, harassment and violence that occurred during the historic uprising in 2020,” Krasner said on Wednesday. “We do not Will tolerate violence in the name of sports protest or in the name of sports protectionPolicemen.


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