Twitter loses immunity for user-generated content in India | Social Media News

The statement in the court was the first time that the Modi government officially stated that Twitter had lost its immunity.

The Indian government stated in a court document that Twitter Inc. no longer enjoys liability protection for user-generated content in India because the Weibo giant has failed to comply with new IT rules.

The statement was the first time that the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially stated that Twitter had lost immunity after repeatedly criticizing the company for non-compliance.

This dispute and public quarrel has raised concerns that American companies will find it difficult to conduct business under a stricter regulatory environment.

According to a document dated July 5, the Indian IT Ministry told the New Delhi High Court that Twitter’s violations violated the provisions of the IT Act and caused the American company to lose its immunity.

The document was filed in a case filed by a Twitter user who wanted to complain about some suspected defamatory tweets on the platform and stated that the company did not comply with the new law requiring the appointment of certain new executives.

Twitter declined to comment. The company has previously stated that it is making every effort to comply.

India’s new IT rules that came into effect at the end of May are aimed at regulating the content of social media companies and making them more accountable for the legal requirements for prompt deletion of posts and sharing of details of the originator of messages.

The Minister of Information and Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad criticized Twitter for deliberately defying the law and said that all social media companies must comply with the new regulations.

In recent weeks, as the dispute between New Delhi and Twitter has intensified, Indian police have filed at least five lawsuits against the company or its officials, including some cases related to child pornography and controversies on its career page Map of India.

Police in two Indian states named Manish Maheshwari (Manish Maheshwari), the head of Twitter in the complaint.

In addition, Uttar Pradesh has challenged the Supreme Court’s prohibition against police actions against Maheshwari, after a lower court protected him from being arrested for accusations that the platform was used to spread hatred.

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