The governor of BC will provide the latest information on the provincial wildfire situation

The governor of BC will provide the latest information on the provincial wildfire situation



The Governor of British Columbia, He Jin, will provide an update on the province’s wildfires at 3:30 pm on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Hogan and other provincial leaders met with representatives from Leiden, British Columbia, in the neighboring Lillooet community. Destroyed Lytton, killing at least two people.

According to the BC Wildfire Bureau, there are currently 208 wildfires burning in the province, 39 of which were triggered in the past two days.

Thirteen were considered “noticeable fires”, which means they are very obvious or pose a potential threat to the public. Evacuation orders for five wildfires have been put in place, including the Litton Creek wildfire, which currently covers an area of ??77 square kilometers. It is believed to have been caused by humans, but it is still under investigation.

Dozens of fires People from outside the province Arrived in British Columbia this week to assist firefighting in the hot and dry inland.

Fire risk is high in most parts of British Columbia, and part of Okanagan is extremely risky.

Air quality consulting The entire BC Ministry of the Interior issued warnings due to the smoke from the wildfires. Environment Canada said that the Okanagan Valley and Thompson-Nicolas area will be most affected by the smog in the next few days.

Anyone who receives an evacuation order must leave the area immediately.

Evacuation centers have been set up across the province to help anyone evacuating from communities threatened by wildfires.To find the center closest to you, please visit Emergency Management in British Columbia website.

Encourage evacuees to Emergency Support Service Online, regardless of whether they receive services in an evacuation center or not.

Those looking for a loved one can call the Canadian Red Cross at 1-800-863-6582 for family reunification services.


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