Coronado, California-Coronado Unified School District will appeal California Intercollegiate Federation imposes sanctions in controversial tortilla throwing incident In a regional championship basketball game against a predominantly Latino team.

The school district’s school board voted 5-0 on Tuesday to challenge last week’s CIF ruling, which allowed the men’s basketball team of Coronado High School to defeat Orange Glen High School in the regional championship game. According to the San Diego Union TribunePreviously, a Coronado resident brought and distributed tortillas thrown on the court after the June 19 game.

The incident was criticized by local lawmakers and advocates as racist and led to the dismissal of the basketball coach at Coronado High School.

In its ruling, CIF called the behavior immediately after the game “unacceptable” and stated that they need sanctions.

According to the ruling, the men’s basketball team will be banned from holding playoffs after the 2022-23 school year, and all other sports will also be banned until school stakeholders participate in sports ethics seminars and competition management training.

After last week’s decision, the head of the Coronado Unified School District, Carl Muller, stated that the school district hired an external investigator to review the incident and “clearly reminded the importance of sportsmanship and mutual respect. “. He has previously stated that during the preliminary review, “there is no evidence that the player’s behavior or behavior justifies abandoning the game.”

CIF’s decision was approved by Anne Staffieri, Escondido Union High School District Director. She said that the report “lays the foundation for us to find a way to close and move forward.”


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