The Canadians killed in the collapsed apartment in Florida are identified; 3 Canadians are still missing

The Canadians killed in the collapsed apartment in Florida are identified; 3 Canadians are still missing



The Canadian who found the body at the scene of a collapsed apartment in southern Florida was identified as a 66-year-old woman who died with her husband.

On Monday, search and rescue personnel found Ingrid Ainsworth and her 68-year-old husband Tzvi in ??the ruins of the Champlain Tannan apartment complex in Surfside, Florida, directly A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to CBC News.

On June 26, their niece Chana Harrel told the Associated Press that she and her husband lived in Australia for many years before moving to Florida to get closer to their children.

Harrell said that the Ainsworth family has seven children and has celebrated the arrival of a new grandson in recent days.

On Tuesday, the couple held a funeral in New York City.

The Canadian Department of Global Affairs confirmed on Tuesday that in the apartment collapse that occurred on June 24, one Canadian was among the 32 victims. The government agency stated that there were three other Canadians out of 113.

Grantley Franklin, spokesperson for the Canadian Department of Global Affairs, said: “Canada expresses its deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost their loved ones in the collapse of the Surfside Building in Florida.”

On Tuesday, rescuers worked in the ruins of the collapsed Champlain Tannan apartment complex in Surfside, Florida. (Lynne Sladky/Associated Press)

Franklin pointed out that the tragedy affected three different Canadian families. He said that Canadian consular officials in Miami are providing direct support to the families of the deceased and those who are still missing.

Franklin said: “We will continue to keep in touch with local authorities in case they have any updates about these Canadians and the broader situation.”

Ainsworth is described as “inspiring”

In a blog post on Mother’s Day 2020, the couple’s daughter Chana Wasserman paid tribute to her mother (also known as Itty).

“Everyone she met in her life became her friend. Everyone was treated equally,” Wasserman wrote. “The man in the laundry, the man in the fruit market…”

Despite living in chronic pain, her mother “surpassed the common saying,’seeing the world through rose-colored glasses,’” her post continued.

“I know I will never be able to compare with my mother’s sheer passion for life, but watching this movie is very inspiring.”

On Tuesday, people replaced the withered flowers with fresh flowers at a temporary memorial held for the victims of the collapsed Champlain Tannan apartment complex in Surfside, Florida. (Karl Just/Miami Herald/Associated Press)

According to local media reports, Ainsworth’s husband Tzvi is a senior member of the Surfside Minyan Synagogue, not far from the site where the apartment collapsed.

“Tzvi is a very easygoing person, very easy to talk. He has a great sense of humor and is very talkative,” Rabbi Aryeh Citron Tell NBC 6 South Florida.

“He has a lot to say about his life, the places he has been, the jobs he has done, and his children-just an all-around good person.”

Ainsworth’s mother was a Holocaust survivor living in Miami Beach, who was battling cancer and did not know the tragedy.

“They didn’t tell her. She is not healthy,” niece Harrell said on Saturday before the couple’s bodies were found. “This is absolutely terrible.”

The storm complicates rescue work

On Tuesday, as Tropical Storm Elsa began to hit Florida, rescue efforts for collapsed apartment buildings faced new threats.

Local officials said search personnel can work on rainy days, but unrelated thunderstorms and lightning sometimes force them to stop – including a two-hour shutdown on Tuesday morning.

Officials said that due to continuous rain, a garage area in the rubble was filled with water.

Watch | More bodies were found in the rubble of the collapsed apartment:

More bodies have been pulled from the ruins of a collapsed apartment in Surfside, Florida, and 28 people have been confirmed dead and 117 people are missing. As Tropical Storm Elsa approached and brought thunderstorms, search work was suspended from Monday night. 2:03

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told reporters: “There have been active search and rescue operations all night, and these teams continue to pass extremely unfavorable and challenging conditions.” “In the wind and rain, In the wind, they have been looking for it.”

She said that although as many as 113 people remain unaccounted for, it was confirmed that only 70 of them were in the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside when it collapsed in the early hours of June 24.

No one has been rescued alive since the first hour after the collapse.

Fearing that the structure might collapse, the rest of the apartment building was demolished on Sunday.

Officials said that the demolition work allowed rescuers to access previously inaccessible places, including bedrooms believed to have been sleeping at the time of the collapse.

Although officials still refer to their efforts as search and rescue operations, Kava said the families of the still missing are preparing for news of “tragic losses.”


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