N’Keal Harry wants to leave New England. Should the Hawks try to trade young wide receivers?

N’Keal Harry wants to leave New England. Should the Hawks try to trade young wide receivers?



Former first-round draft pick Enkel Harry’s first two seasons in New England did not go as smoothly as expected. The Arizona State player has only passed 45 passes and 414 yards in 21 games with the Patriots. , 4 touchdowns.

When he was selected with the 32nd overall pick, the team had Tom Brady and was a perennial contender. Then Brady left and won in Tampa, while New England was rebuilding and adapting to life in the post-Brady era. According to a statement released by his agent Jamal Tucson via Mike Gallaflo of the NFL Network, all of this led to the 23-year-old Harry asking the Patriots to make a trade.

As a 6-foot-4 and 225-pound big catcher, Harry completed 22 touchdowns in three college seasons, but his performance in the red zone never translated into the NFL. It sounds a lot like The Hawks experienced a PAC-12 draft pick in their own 2019, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, who was drafted 25 draft picks after Harry and somehow had a worse number (14 catches, 254 yards, 1 touchdown in 24 games).

Considering Harry’s lack of production and his apparent desire to move, acquiring him from New England may not cost that much, unless of course Bill Belichick and the company still see the potential they see and then they bring him back. The first night of the 2019 NFL Draft.But given that he is Candidates who have been retrenched According to ESPN, outside of training camp, this is likely to be the third day’s choice to complete.

Why he was chopped: Calling a third-year player a veteran may be questionable, but not only does Harry have a crowded depth chart in front of Nelson Agholor, Jakobi Meyers, and Kendrick Bourne, but there are others who seem to be competing for the 4th or 5th role as a special ball. The team provides more value (such as Gunner Olszewski as a punt returnee) or has outstanding characteristics (such as Isaiah Zuber’s speed). Harry’s contract may help him stay, because the Patriots will be capped by $2 million for letting him go. This can finally buy more time for the 2019 first-round draft to see if the situation will get better. -Mike Rice [espn.com]

Given the relatively low estimated cost and their own lack of mature players in the position (which means there are many snapshots to take), can the Hawks and the active Howie Rothman release Harry in Harry’s time? Because his time seems to be coming to an end in New England?

After the news came out, Mike Kaye of NJ.com took a look Harry’s three potential landing sites, And the Eagles are on his roster…

Despite consecutive first-round picks on the wide receiver, the Hawks’ overall wide receiver depth chart still has many shortcomings. Although DeVonta Smith and Jalen Reagor can use their speed to create great games, the Eagles can use reliable X receivers outside. Harry can come in and compete with Travis Fulgam for the third starting receiver position. The Eagles have three additional picks in next year’s draft, including a fifth-round pick (via Washington), which may be enough to complete the deal. [nj.com]

If this is the cost, they should definitely let themselves go to Harry. For those who doubt the Hawks’ ability to turn garbage into gold — I’m borrowing a quote from Marc Zumoff here — you don’t have to look for a typical example in the past, as Mike quickly pointed out on Twitter.

Of course, this is a new coaching staff, but guess what? One of the few assistant coaches who returned to the Hawks this year is outside coach Aaron Moorehead. Maybe he can get a similar change from Harry, and Harry has more pedigree from the previous first-round draft, maybe the young receiver can maintain this longer than Fulham last season before returning to reality. Kind of level.

Mike is not the only eagle writer who thinks Harry is meaningful to the eagle. The financial figures speak for themselves-after he completes his rookie contract, he will only spend $1.1 million for the Birds this year and $1.8 million next year. And, as Eliot Shorr-Parks of WIP Point outSeizing opportunities on Harry makes sense not only in the short-term window, but also in a larger scale, because Philadelphia is not currently a competitive team and can afford some low-cost/high upside The risks are now more than ever. Here are more from ESP…

The main reason why the Eagles should take risks on Harry? They are in the first year of rebuilding and are able to take on low-risk, high-reward opportunities for young players. Although they will compete for the NFC Eastern Championship title, they have a lot of snapshots on the receiver as they try to sort the young receivers on the roster to find long-term starters.

The Hawks’ catching core has been greatly improved this offseason. When they drafted Devonta Smith, they did have some potential young catchers, but in general they were the best on the team. One of the weak units. In any case, Harry is not a recognized veteran, but he is not bankrupt, only two years away from the first round of the draft. If the draft compensation is not very high, Harry is worth a try. He will also immediately become the second best receiver on the list, and if you think Smith has not even played in the NFL, he is also the best receiver. [audacy.com]

As there are concerns about Smith’s thin physique, a big receiver like Harry can bring some balance to the Hawks’ receiving team, especially when Jalen Rigg wants to move to the open position and Alsega-White The situation where Seid failed to reach his potential (not to mention Fulgam is still a question mark for progress).

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