NBA trade rumors: 76ers’ Ben Simmons still has a lot of value

NBA trade rumors: 76ers’ Ben Simmons still has a lot of value



We all know how the 76ers’ season ended — unceremoniously lost to the Hawks in Game 7 of the second round — and, more importantly, caused the No. 1 seed to withdraw earlier than expected. factor. Eyes are particularly focused on winning the team’s first championship title in nearly 40 years.

Joel Embiid and Danny Green were injured.Have Problematic coaching decision From Doc Rivers. In fact, the team can really upgrade with a larger deadline than George Hill.Arguably the biggest problem, the problem that exaggerates all other problems around is The disappearance of Ben Simmons, He fell completely in the spotlight and provided the worst period of his career when his team needed him most.

Which resulted in Rampant trade speculation Since the 76ers were bounced back by the Eagles, the biggest topic has been around the struggle in the playoffs, exposing all the worst qualities of Simmons on the national stage and how much damage it would cause his trade value. Did the 76ers trade from the potential Damian Lillard to the CJ McCollum trade? Are the recently reported first-round picks of Malcolm Brogdon and the Pacers (down by the 76ers) closer to the actual value of the 24-year-old point guard?

In other words, how bad was Simmons against the 76ers in that bad game against Atlanta? As it turns out, it may not be that much.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, appeared in Bill Simmons podcast on The Ringer, Saying that Simmons’s value is not as low as some people think, especially because some teams still believe they can fix Simmons’ shots:

“I have always heard executives like this kind of talk of’Ben Simmons’ deal value has fallen’ because they want Philadelphia to believe it. I think his deal value is actually higher than publicly described. But you will continue Heard a lot of negative news about Ben Simmons.

“In other words, I think people in the entire league have a high opinion of him, because I do think that someone will solve the shooting problem.” [h/t]

Obviously, this is a way to check the situation, and it is worth wondering where the information comes from, because it obviously comes from one of two places. First of all, we know that this is not from GM, a competitor that wants to buy Simmons, because they will not bargain with themselves like that. When they tried to get Simmons at the cheapest possible price, why did they encourage the 76ers to believe that Simmons was more valuable than him? As Mannix suggests, they are more likely to be people who doubt Simmons’ ability to figure out all this.

This leaves two other possibilities. First, it may come from the Simmons camp, because he reportedly did not formally make a transaction request, but he may still want to move on. This may be a way to help the 76ers lubricate the wheels and ensure they get realistic offers that are actually considered, because Brogdon’s offer clearly does not match what they are looking for. Another option may be that this comes from Morey himself, for basically the same reason. Although the team publicly stated that they are still committed to Simmons and help him become the best version of himself, he wants to maximize value before deciding whether to leave Simmons.

The problem is that, as we have written in the past, Simmons must also Want to be the best selfHe must be committed not only to repair his on-court game, but also to repair his off-court perception. The former helps the latter a lot.The local radio station will be Twitter about Simmons If he ended the season in a positive way, would he show up at Wimbledon with his girlfriend (instead of being locked in the gym 24/7)? Does this matter in the first place?

Simmons admitted in the playoffs that most of his shooting problems are between his ears. Just look at some videos of Simmons shooting during the summer league after being drafted-your muscle memory will not look like a night It disappeared like that in between. This is a task that any acquisition team will face. To solve some problems that are not only difficult to solve, but also need to determine the root of the problem first, which is usually the most difficult part. If this is indeed a psychological barrier, there is no guarantee that any team, no matter how hard they work, will be able to solve it.

Simmons has been isolated in the gym during the past offseason, but coming back year after year, his games have the same flaws. Perhaps leaving for a while is the best way for him to solve this problem. Maybe it’s a change of scenery. Maybe it’s finally time to start shooting with the right hand. Maybe this is a move forward. Either way, the competitor’s executives believe that after years of experimenting with the 76ers, they can suddenly become the one to fix Simmons. This seems too optimistic, but maybe they know something we don’t.


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