Everywhere, one Blockchain security platform For real estate and title record keeping, it was announced today that it has partnered with Millennial Title and its affiliate Encrypted Estates to develop its SmartEscrow solution.

The SmartEscrow contract acts as an autonomous intermediary and is automatically executed according to the instructions given by the parties to the transaction.

Millennial Title opened its first office in Tampa in 2015 and has grown and expanded; today it has seven locations. The company is licensed in 23 states and has the ability to coordinate the closure of all 50 states.

“We are very pleased to work with Nathan and his Ubiquity development team to develop a seamless trading experience for our customers; using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We launched Encrypted Estates to bring a team of cryptocurrency experts to real estate settlement field.”
– Chip Ridge, founder and president of Millennial Title


Ubitquity consistency platform It has successfully integrated multiple industries including aviation and real estate to provide custody and property rights delivery support, property rights extraction, digital, hybrid, paper-based notarization support, smart contract management, and secure document management.

In addition, Ubitquity provides solutions that can help with regulatory-compliant token sales, integration consulting, and real estate NFT (non-fungible token) creation.

“Ubitquity is excited to work with forward-thinking innovative companies like Millennial Title. For buyers who want to use cryptocurrency to buy real estate, SmartEscrow will change the rules of the game. Millennial Title President Chip Ridge (Chip Ridge) ) Is a respected visionary in the field of titles; who understands the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.”
– Nathan Wosnack, founder and CEO of Ubitquity


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