Love Island 2021 News-Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court revealed as two new blockbusters after Chuggs gave up in shock

Love Island 2021 News-Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court revealed as two new blockbusters after Chuggs gave up in shock



After Chuggs exited in shock last night, fans of LOVE Island will see two new blonde blockbusters joining the show.

Lucinda Stratford, From Brighton, 21 years old, fashion buyer Millie Court, 24, will now join the ITV2 program.

Ladies arrived after luxury travel experts Rachel Fanny, 29, decided to partner with Geordie handsome guy Brad McClelland, 26, Refusal of allowance Chagas Valleys.

After rejoining, when the lights went out and they were in bed, the couple could not remove their hands.

But the audience is Confused when the beauty bursts into tears When Brad told Rachel that she could “get along” with another boy after just one day of being together if she wanted to. Did Brad and Rachel end like this?

Read the Love Island 2021 live blog below for the latest updates…

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  • ‘I’m talking nonsense’

    Chloe looked at the photo and said, “There is a girl in it—there are two.”

    Kaz replied, “Well, it will become interesting, eh?”

    Liberty confessed: “I messed up a bit.”

  • Former Love Island champion Greg O’Shea will participate in this year’s Olympics

  • Girl unhappy

    The girls decided to send the boys a cute selfie of them enjoying brunch, so Aaron sent them a picture with Millie and Lucinda.

  • Is Chloe’s position in the villa in danger?

    After their shocked arrival, Hugo said: “They are all amazing-I am speechless.”

  • Meet the newbie MILLIE COURT

  • Meet newbie Lucinda Stratford

  • Brunch dates

    Kaz received a text message that read: “Girls, it’s time to have a brunch, please get ready to leave the villa #girlsareloud #brunchismycardio.”

    However, they did not know that the two new girls were about to enter the villa.

    Things are about to become chaotic…

  • When the girls were having brunch, two bombs entered the villa


  • EX ISLANDER MALIN ANDERSSON underwent surgery five years ago

    “Do you value mobile phone cases more than mobile phones?”

  • Do you want more spoilers?

    Well, don’t say we don’t treat you…

  • “Brad needs to learn how to count”

  • Jack’s beach hut confessed

    The water engineer explained: “It’s important to tell the truth here, you have to stay open.”

    “Now, all my attention is focused on freedom.”

  • ‘I am a respected person’

    Jack continued: “Of course, of course. It should have been… I will tell you that I am a respected person.”

  • Is this the end of JIBERTY?

    Jack told the lively blonde: “For me, like… I am very interested in you because I think what we have is good.”

    The waitress of Nandos replied: “I know, knowing you, you will deal with things respectfully.”

  • JIBERTY, the conversation turned around

    Fans of the ITV show are convinced that Jack is playing a game because he told Hugo and Liberty that if another blonde girl walks in, he wants to get to know her…

  • Do you want more spoilers?

    Your wish is our order…

  • Can HUGO and SHARON kiss and put on makeup?

    Find the answer on ITV2 at 9 o’clock tonight.

  • carry on

    Hugo’s admission immediately angered the girls. When Hugo revealed his “perfect type”, he further annoyed the girls. Hugo said: “Long legs and blond hair. True.”

    Faye said, “This word has always been talked about, isn’t it?”

    Realizing that he was disturbing some islanders, Hugo admitted: “I have no intentions, am I?”

    Sharon later explained: “I think I was just angry as a partner. I respect him very much and can tell him that what you said made me very upset.”

  • carry on

    For some islanders, the round based on the biggest turning point will lead to some nervous and frank conversations in the villa.

    Hugo revealed his greatest dislike, saying: “Fake, yes. Personality and appearance.”

  • carry on

    Tonight’s action started when Liberty received a text message saying: “Islander, it’s time to learn how well you know your partner in today’s couple challenge #tellmesomethingIdontknow #getyourfactsstraight”

    Before the game started, the couple quickly reviewed each other’s knowledge, including the most embarrassing moments, interesting dating stories and family facts.

  • carry on

    This was not ignored, he was quickly called by Faye Winter and Sharon.

    The conflict happened after the trailer last night This made the audience speculate after Hugo burst into tears-many people thought it was because he said he would not take Sharon home to see his mother.

  • SHARON Gaffka and Hugo Hammond clashed over the teacher’s “perfect type” tonight.

    This physical education teacher got more benefits than he bargained in the recent villa challenge because he repeatedly said that he did not like “fake” women, which unknowingly angered the girls.

  • Hugo burst into tears, and scores appeared between lovers on Love Island


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