Hollywood’s film about Theo Fleurie has stalled due to autobiographical co-authors claiming ownership of his life story

Hollywood’s film about Theo Fleurie has stalled due to autobiographical co-authors claiming ownership of his life story


According to CBC News, the former NHL star Theo Fleury has filed a lawsuit against the co-author of his autobiography, who claims to own half of the copyright in his life story and suspended Hollywood until the matter is resolved in court Film production.

The right-wing winger of the Stanley Cup and Olympic gold medalist wrote Playing with fire Together with Kirstie McLellan Day in October 2009.

This book detailed the sexual abuse that Fleury suffered at the hands of his former junior hockey coach Graham James, and led Fleury to speak out about trauma, addiction and mental health in his post-hockey career.

James was sentenced to more than five years in prison for repeatedly sexually assaulting former NHL players Fleury, Sheldon Kennedy and three young hockey players he coached in the 1980s and 1990s.

movie script Fleury Has been completed with, The former Calgary Fire player said that after traveling back and forth to California in the past four years The three production companies in California are ready to move on, but cannot move forward because Day and her company Pyramid Productions claim ownership of the story.

Fleury said in an interview with CBC News: “We are close to achieving this goal.”

Fleury’s autobiography “Playing with Fire” was co-authored by Kirstie McLellan Day. (amazon.ca)

“I will give [Day] This book has a lot of credit; she did an amazing job, put it in my voice, and got everything I wanted to express. “

However, 12 years have passed since the publication of this book. According to Fleury’s lawyers Brendan Miller and Sasha Joshi’s original application to the Queen’s Court, “No one can have another A person’s life story.”

Fleury said his story was his own.

“We have built a very good thing. Obviously this person was a part of it at the beginning, but thought they could… continue to reach into the wishing well, take out what they want, and say a lot about [her].”

Day claims the right to the story

Dai and her production company’s position is that this movie cannot be produced without her consent and compensation.

A letter written by Day’s lawyers in response to Fleury’s court proceedings stated that the agreement signed by the two co-authors gave Day “the right to use all ancillary rights related to Fleury”. [book].”

According to the document, Dai interviewed more than 50 people “with little independent memory of Mr. Fleury” in two years.

In an email to CBC News, Dai said she was only asking for an agreement.

“We have a lot of successful collaborations, including documentaries and dramas. We only ask him to continue to fulfill our contract.”

Dai and her production company took the position that without her consent and compensation, the Theo Fleury movie could not be produced. (Larry Day)

The producer will not make the film until the issue between Fleury and Day is resolved in court.

Fleury asked the court to make a statement that the filmmaker could freely make the film “without any consent, participation or compensation to the defendant.”

“Now it is in the hands of God and the court, and hope that things can be resolved so that we can make this movie,” Fleury told CBC.

‘Sell hope’

For the past 13 years, Fleury said that his life’s job has been to connect with trauma victims and tell his own story-through this book, a drama, and a documentary. Hollywood movies are just another way to help those suffering.

“We tried to tell this story in as many different ways as possible, because a lot of people kept asking us,’How do I get through this difficult time?'” he said.

“No one in the world is peddling hope. No one is peddling hope. This story contains a lot of content. People can overcome trauma because trauma is the rope that connects us all.”

On May 25, 1989, after the team defeated the Canadians, Lanny McDonald raised the Stanley Cup in Montreal as a member of the Calgary Fire. (Canadian media)

Lanny McDonald, day litigation

This is not the first time Day has appeared in court with a former Calgary sports collaborator.

Retired Calgary Fire star Lanny McDonald has been working with Dai to compile a memoir about his life and hockey career.

So far, Stanley Cup champion MacDonald has refused to allow Dai to send the manuscript to HarperCollins based on the contract signed by the three parties.

In court documents, Dai said that she had already invested a year of her life and interviewed more than 50 people for the book.

But according to court documents, MacDonald believed that the book was not written in his voice, and was too dramatic, and emphasized the “controversial and shocking value.”

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