Four more victims were found in the ruins of a Florida apartment, bringing the death toll to 32

Four more victims were found in the ruins of a Florida apartment, bringing the death toll to 32



A fire official said on Tuesday that four other victims had been found in the rubble of a collapsed apartment building, causing the death toll to rise to 32, as the search was stepped up to face new threats from severe weather, tropical storm Elsa Attacking Florida on one path will mainly bypass the collapse site.

According to a video posted on social media, Miami-Dade Assistant Fire Chief Raide Jadallah announced the new death toll to his family at a closed-door morning briefing on Tuesday. He said rescuers are also looking for more human remains. Another 113 people are missing.

Also on Tuesday, the Canadian Department of Global Affairs confirmed that the body of a Canadian was found at the location. At least three other Canadians are missing, and the department said three families were affected.

The Canadian Department of Global Affairs said in a statement: “Canadian consular officials in Miami are providing direct support to the families of the deceased and the unaccounted for, and contacting local authorities to gather more information.”

Jadala said there was a two-hour delay early on Tuesday due to lightning. He said that workers have removed 5.5 million pounds, or about 2.5 million kilograms of debris from the pile.

Continue to work in the wind and dark clouds

On the site of the collapsed building on Tuesday morning, the sound of chainsaws and excavators could be heard as workers wearing yellow helmets and blue jumpsuits sifted through the rubble for the 13th day. As gray clouds from outside Elsa circled above, strong winds of 32 kilometers per hour and stronger gusts blew through the area.

As Elsa makes landfall somewhere between Tampa Bay and Big Bend in Florida and crosses northern Florida, a rain belt is expected in Surfside, which may become a hurricane again.

Officials said search personnel could work in the rain, but lightning from unrelated thunderstorms sometimes forced them to stop, and the garage area in the rubble was filled with water.

The Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava (Daniella Levine Cava) said the delay has frustrated rescuers.

She said at the evening news conference: “Indeed, they are alive to save lives. No matter what difficulties they encounter, they are always moving forward.”

Watch | More bodies found from the scene of the collapsed Florida apartment:

More bodies have been pulled from the ruins of a collapsed apartment in Surfside, Florida, and 28 people have been confirmed dead and 117 people are missing. As Tropical Storm Elsa approached and brought thunderstorms, search work was suspended from Monday night. 2:03

Nonetheless, when the unstable remaining part of the Champlain Tannan Building collapsed on Sunday, the staff got a big push. Officials said that due to concerns that the building might collapse, the demolition operation allowed rescuers to enter previously inaccessible places, including bedrooms where people are believed to have slept during the disaster.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett (Charles Burkett) said: “Since we started, the site has been busier and more active than I have seen, and now the damaged building has collapsed.” He pointed out that the heavy equipment is now You can move freely around the site.

Late Monday, Jadala told his family that rescuers hoped to have a clearer understanding of possible voids in the rubble while looking for anyone still trapped under the collapsed wing of the building, but they found few voids.

Since the first hour after the collapse, no one has been rescued alive, but rescuers still hope to be reunited with their loved ones.

“We continue to focus on our main mission, which is to spare no effort to find as many people as possible and to help bring some answers to family and loved ones, or to bring them some closure,” City Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Said Ignatius Carroll.


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