Emma Raducanu: John McEnroe’s comments, Piers Morgan caused anger | Tennis News

Emma Raducanu: John McEnroe’s comments, Piers Morgan caused anger | Tennis News



After the British youth tennis star was forced to stop halfway through the game, the man was criticized for his cold and ruthless observation.

Former tennis star John McEnroe’s response to the BBC’s broadcast of British teenager Emma La Ducanu’s retirement in Wimbledon’s midfield has brought him into the spotlight.

On Monday night, the 18-year-old Radukanu stopped playing when he fell behind in the second set against Aguila Tomljanovic in the fourth round.

Raducanu was visited by a coach and then left the court for a medical timeout.

In the end, the referee announced that Raducanu, ranked 338th, would not continue to play due to health problems, but did not specify the reason.

“Obviously, I feel sorry for Emma,” McEnroe told the audience, adding: “It seems a bit too much, which is understandable.”

Then he mentioned the four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka, who withdrew from the previous Grand Slam French Open and also missed Wimbledon because she said she needed a mental health break.

The 62-year-old 7-time Grand Slam singles champion often appears as an analyst in the TV reports of the All England Club.

The All England Club stated that Radukanu had “difficulty breathing.”

“I can’t imagine playing the fourth round in your home country when she was 18 years old. This is something I can’t even imagine,” Tomglianovi? said when asked about McEnroe’s comments. . “It is absolutely harsh to let him say that.”

At the same time, critics on social media lashed out at McEnroe, known for his outbursts of anger on the court, and the 56-year-old BBC Piers Morgan, who made his own comments on the situation.

“Ms. Radukuna’s [sic] A talented player, but unable to withstand the pressure and quit when she lost badly. It’s not’brave’, it’s just a shame,” Morgan wrote on Twitter, who recently withdrew from the TV show because his views were questioned.

“If I were her, I would tell my fans to stop insulting McEnroe and seek his advice to make him stronger and become a champion like him.”

Tennis player Andy Murray said Morgan’s analysis was “stern.”


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