Johnson sees “summer fires” as an opportunity to break the blockade rules

Despite warnings that the Covid-19 pandemic is “far from being over,” Boris Johnson promised to repeal England’s coronavirus regulations.

When the Prime Minister announced his intention to abolish the mandatory wearing of masks and the social distancing requirement, he gambled on trusting the public’s judgment and the “wall of immunity” provided by vaccines.

The so-called “Freedom Day” is expected to be held on July 19, when the Prime Minister admitted that 50,000 new cases may be detected every day.

But Mr. Johnson said that if the restrictions are not lifted this month and the “summer fire prevention” brought about by better weather and school holidays is used, then the control measures may continue until next year.

At a press conference on Downing Street, Mr. Johnson admitted that the pandemic was “far from over” and that the increase in cases was “quite rapid.”

“By the 19th, 50,000 cases may be detected every day,” he said.

“We are seeing an increase in the number of hospitalizations. Sadly, we have to adapt ourselves to more deaths caused by the new coronavirus.”


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