“Blood-covered” woman arrested in fatal national city stabbing

“Blood-covered” woman arrested in fatal national city stabbing



National City, California-Authorities arrested a woman accused of stabbing another woman in National City on Tuesday.

National city police said they responded to the 1800 Ranuitan Avenue area just after 3pm after receiving a 9/11 report that a woman was attacked in a car. Upon arrival, the police found that the woman was unresponsive, with multiple stab wounds and was a national city police sergeant. Ken Springer said. He said that the car appeared to have collided with another parked vehicle on the street.

Witnesses told police that a female suspect fled the area and drove north.

According to Springer, a woman who matched the description provided by an eyewitness was located in a nearby backyard, “covered with blood.”

He said: “While the police officer was looking for the suspect, there were other witnesses who pointed out behaviors related to someone’s running and panicking. These actions were directed at the police officer,” he said. “The information the police officer received indicated that the person was connected to the suspect. Matches the description. That left the scene.”

The medical staff tried to help the victim, but they could not save her.

Springer said the suspect has been detained by the police and witnesses confirmed his identity. She was slightly injured before being arrested. The police did not publicly confirm the identity of the victim and the suspect.

The motive of the crime has not yet been determined.

The victim’s vehicle had an Uber sticker. The police are investigating whether the victim was driving a car for Uber at the time of the stabbing.


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