The Liberal Party announces plans for a new “high-frequency” rail line from Toronto to Quebec City

The Liberal Party announces plans for a new “high-frequency” rail line from Toronto to Quebec City



The federal government is sending a signal to plan to build a new high-frequency rail line connecting Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

According to the plan of the project, the proposed route will reduce travel time between cities and make trains more reliable.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced a plan earlier today to allow passengers to take the VIA Rail train from Toronto to Montreal.

“This will increase the frequency of passengers like you and change the connection between these cities,” Algabra told passengers via the train’s PA system.

The trains on the proposed route will run at a higher speed than the current one. However, the government did not describe the project as a “high-speed” railway because vehicles still cannot reach the speeds normally associated with high-speed rail networks in Europe and Asia.

Since at least 2019, the Liberal government has been studying the possibility of building a high-frequency railway along the Toronto-Quebec City corridor, when it established a special office to handle the project.

Ottawa announces more funding for the project The most recent 2021 budgetIn 6 years, we pledged CAD 491.2 million to VIA Rail Canada for infrastructure investment.

The budget did not suggest a completion date for the project.

VIA Rail says reliability, speed and frequency will all increase

According to VIA Rail, high-frequency rail lines running on dedicated tracks will reduce travel time by 25% and increase punctuality by 95%.

The trains on the line will travel at speeds of up to 177 km/h, According to VIA Railway ——Although Algabra stated in his statement that the top speed can reach 200 km/h.

These speeds are faster than the current maximum speed of VIA Rail trains of approximately 160 km/h. The speed of modern high-speed railway lines is at least 250 km/h.

VIA Rail’s proposed map for the new high-frequency rail network. (VIA Canadian Railways)

VIA Rail stated that the current congestion and irregular timing of trains is due to the fact that passenger and freight trains often use the same tracks.

VIA Rail’s proposed dedicated line includes a new line connecting Toronto and Ottawa, and another line connecting Montreal and Quebec City.

The latest map of the project still has passenger trains running on shared tracks between the stations in Les Coteaux, QC and Montreal.

Announcement set up for possible battlefield riding

Alghabra may provide more details on the proposed route at a press conference scheduled to be held in Trois-Rivières at QC on Tuesday afternoon.

Trois-Rivières is one of the proposed stations on the new line connecting Montreal and Quebec City.

The city is expected to be the battleground for the next federal election, as Quebec Group Member Louise Charbonneau announced that she will not seek re-election. Since 1984, Trois-Rivières has had no Liberal MPs.

Former Ontario Liberal Government A high-speed rail line between Toronto and Windsor was proposed in 2018, Featuring trains running at a maximum speed of 250 km/h. The government was defeated only a few months after the announcement of these plans, and the project has not yet resumed.


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