My dad hates me not working

My dad hates me not working



Dear Dedley: My father is very dissatisfied with my retirement at 52, but I gave up my job to take care of him because he cannot live alone.

He owns a cafe, but one night he slipped on the wet floor and broke his back.


Dad seems to want to find me a new job.He cut out the advertisement in the newspaper and handed it to me

He was 72 years old and spent several months in the hospital. He had to give up his job and can barely walk now.

I am a man and have a great job in this city. I have been thinking about retiring because my dad is struggling. Last year I gave up my job and stayed with him.

I moved back home and rented out the house.

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Dad seems to want to find me a new job. He cut out the advertisement from the newspaper and handed it to me.

We end up quarreling, and sometimes I rush out and destroy things on the road.

This is so frustrating. I can’t speak to anyone. Only dad and me.

I sometimes feel that he is too ungrateful and I should continue working.

Dedley said: You are doing well, but anyone who takes care of their loved ones will feel the pressure of all this.

There is no doubt that your father admires you very much, but he is worried-perhaps because he is worried about your future.

Explain to him that you are enjoying time free from company life and want to be by his side.

Age UK (, 0800 055 6112) is a good resource if you have any difficulties.

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