Love Island 2021 LIVE-Rachel Finni shocked fans because the new blockbuster contestant made a ridiculous cooking mistake

The 2019 series champion Amber Rose Gil said that KAZ may be the first person to be on the cover

amberThe one who won the show in 2019 told The Sun: “When they have sex, we like it! I am nosy and people want to see the whole thing!

“You are on an entertainment show about dating. It complements each other! Everyone is doing their own business, so we naturally want to know if it will happen.

“I like Toby And what Kaz has done so far. Kaz must be the first person to have sex.

“She said she would like someone to harass her or something! However, the girls are so hot and so beautiful.

“I think girls are very confident in themselves and won’t do anything. Boys don’t know what to do with them!”

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