Love Island 2021 LIVE-Rachel Finni shocked fans as the new blockbuster contestant

Love Island 2021 LIVE-Rachel Finni shocked fans as the new blockbuster contestant



After Rachel Finni did a huge cooking faux pas, fans of LOVE Island were puzzled-even though he claimed to be a keen chef.

The 29-year-old blockbuster Rachel officially joined the ITV2 series after the second reorganization.

In last night’s episode, this beauty—and the oldest islander in the villa—is considering chatting with two boys to save Brad McClelland or Chagas Wallis.

But when talking to Brad that she is a “very good cook”, she was surprised when Brad revealed that he didn’t know what coq au vin was.

Rachel continued to reveal that this French dish was a “wine duck”-but she was wrong, because the traditional meal is chicken cooked with wine-the audience quickly pointed out this misfortune.

When last night’s episode ended with great suspense, the audience was very angry-the fate of Brad and Chaggs was hanging in the balance.

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  • Chloe Burrows knows one of the producers of the show-claim

    Chloe Burrows also knows a producer on the show

    Lewis told us: “Chloe told me that she met a producer in Love Island through a colleague. She is obsessed with behind-the-scenes actions and how they manipulate the situation and get people to have a conversation.

    “It’s all fake and set up. Chloe was attracted by them and acted confidently and lively. She was actually timid, shy and cute.”

  • Islander Insider

    Lewis Fowler told us: ” Chloe The person on the screen is not someone I have known for five years. I know Chloe was told to play a blond bombshell, trying to lure the boys away from other girls.

    “I think the producer told her that if she behaves in a certain way, she will go further on the show.”

  • The performance ended last night on a huge cliff hanger

    Last night’s episode ended with great suspense—Brad and Chaggs’ fate was hanging in the balance, and the audience in Love Island was very angry.

    The new blockbuster Rachel met these two single boys in the first few hours of the villa, as she tried to find the best person for her.

    Read the full text Here

  • Love Island fans are dissatisfied with Jack’s approach to freedom

    An audience member took their feelings to Twitter and said angrily: “Jack is playing a game, someone has already told Freedom”

    Another fan commented: “We all know that Jack will give up his freedom at Love House, otherwise he will only be with her for money. His face is full of players.”

    Another person laughed and said: “Leave there freely, Jack only wants you to be toes”


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