First Lady Jill Biden celebrates July 4th in Philadelphia

First Lady Jill Biden celebrates July 4th in Philadelphia



The First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, celebrated with Philadelphia for some time on July 4th, as the Willow Grove native returned to the city on Sunday to speak at the Liberty Celebration outside Independence Hall.

Biden said: “This Philadelphia girl is now with you as your first lady, and there is nowhere more willing to be with you.”

Biden praised the city’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and its “surpassing” in vaccination efforts.

More than 893,800 Philadelphia residents received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. City Vaccine Database. More than 719,600 residents have been fully vaccinated. Approximately 72% of adults in the city have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 58% of people 18 years and older have been fully vaccinated.

“Sometimes, people tell me that Phillies are strong. We speak bluntly and have a loud voice. Well, they say it’s good,” Biden said. “Well, you know what, we are strong. We are fierce. When we are knocked down, we will stand up immediately and we will never stop fighting for the things we care about and the people we love. This is us, Thank God, it was this tenacity, that kind of resilience, and love for our community that allowed us to survive the worst of this pandemic.”

Biden continued: “We know how to show up for each other in times of difficulty.” “When families are struggling with hunger, community refrigerators start to appear on the street. When first responders work long hours, family restaurants donate food.”

Biden’s speech comes as the Black Doctors COVID-19 Coalition is Won the Philadelphia Magician Award The organization strives to promote and vaccinate the black and brown communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across the city.

The celebration of freedom ceremony is one of many events held throughout the city as part of Wawa Welcome America. On Sunday night, the celebration ended at the Wawa Welcome America concert at the Mann Performing Arts Center.

Performing artists include Philadelphia native and “The Voice” champion Cam Anthony. Anthony performed with Philly POPS and Mother Bethel AME Choir. Bebe Rexha and Flo Rida also performed at the event.


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