Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Offensive Tackles

Eagles 2021 Training Camp Preview: Offensive Tackles



In the next three weeks or so (basically in the absence of other news to report), we will look at each player on the Philadelphia Eagles roster and how they adapt to the team’s entry into training camp. Today we will look at the offensive end.

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QuarterbackRun back

1. OT depth map:

Overtime 1 2 3 puppy?
LT Jordan Myrata Andre Dillard Brett Toth Le Crow Clark
Broadcast time Ryan Johnson Jack Driscoll Kathy Tucker

Ryan Johnson

When he participated in the competition in 2020, despite the impact of various injuries, Johnson performed very well, the most obvious is that the ankle injury suffered in London in 2018 still has problems. He underwent surgery to correct a lingering problem in his ankle, and when asked if he would return to 100%, the always honest Johnson was basically like ¯_(?)_/¯.

If his ankle is matched, Johnson is likely to still be an excellent offensive tackle and arguably the best right tackle in the NFL.However, he is Now 31 years old, he has missed 13 games in the past two seasons (9 in 2020, 4 in 2019). He is an important player. In Johnson’s absence since 2016, the Eagles have a record of 8-17.

Interestingly, the Eagles reorganized a series of contracts in this offseason to be below the salary cap, but they did not touch Johnson’s. Assuming the team still regards Johnson as the mainstay of the offensive line, it would make sense to modify his contract. Remember, the contract structure usually means an immediate salary cap reduction, but a longer-term commitment to the player. For whatever reason, the Eagles retained Johnson’s contract.

Jordan Myrata

Among the players I reviewed this offseason, Jordan Mailata is the most interesting and interesting topic to watchPresumably you all know his story, but he experienced a real football game for the first time in 2020 (at any level), he had a very encouraging season and eventually replaced Jason Peters Become the starter LT.

With a height of 6 feet 8 inches and a height of 346, Myrata is the most imposing player on the team. Some big players play well, some don’t. As the 2020 season progresses, he has gained confidence along the way. You can see in the movie that he likes to dominate running competitions, making full use of his huge size and pure brute force.

In terms of pass protection, although he does sometimes struggle with speed, he is very strong against power. Nevertheless, his ceiling is still high, and he still has enough room to take his game to the next level.

In 2021, he will have to get a starting job on top of Andre Dillard, and he should probably be regarded as the most popular person.

Andre Dillard

If Dillard has Merata’s season in 2020 and Merata has Dillard’s season in 2019, then there will be no training camp games. This job will only belong to Dillard, and Mailata may not even appear on the list anymore. But because Dillard is a first-round pick and Myrata is a seventh-round pick, Dillard will have more chances than others to win the starting LT position.

Dillard’s NFL career did not get off to a good start after the team selected him in the first round of trades.he is Being a rookie is scary in 2019 (Not just at RT), and cannot withstand electrical shocks at all. This is a fatal flaw for any offensive linebacker and must be corrected. In the second year, he participated in a worrying training camp, and then he missed the season due to a torn biceps.

In a recent interview, Dillard said all the right things (he was hungry, devoted, stronger, etc.), which is definitely better than what he said he was playing Mario Kart and eating pints of Americone every day Dream came well. The past year. So all this is fine, bUltimately, Dillard must prove (a) he can handle power better than he did when he was a rookie, and (b) he can scrap and fight with defensive wingers instead of just relying on his athletic talent.

The Battle of Mailata-Dillard will be one of the most watched aspects of the training camp.

Jack Driscoll

In a normal year, the Eagles may cross-train Driscoll in tackles and guards (and possibly even centers), but he focused on tackles during the offseason that was shortened by COVID last summer. As a rookie, he participated in 11 games, started 4 games, played a total of 300 offenses, and then entered the injury reserve team at the end of the season due to a MCL sprain.

When we do Learn more about Driscoll’s 2020 season, Easy to identify He is clearly better at protecting the quarterback than in running games. Because he is only 6 feet 5 inches and his arms are only 33 inches, the belief here is that Driscoll is probably the best position in the NFL as a guard. After watching his game, the Hawks might have been right to let him tackle tackles initially.

In terms of pass protection, Driscoll has fast and flexible feet, and he can mirror and match any speed rusher. For example, Driscoll’s bright moment in the 2020 season is his outstanding performance against TJ Watt in the past three seasons. He is a player with 42.5 sacks. He really needs to improve against power.

As a base runner, Driscoll just needs to get stronger. He hardly moves on the melee line. When he was deadlocked with his opponents last season, you would think it was a victory.

So where will the Hawks play Driscoll?

• If you keep him in overtime, that’s great, but he is always at a disadvantage because he lacks the ideal length.

• If he plays guard, he has a long way to go before he can give you anything as a base runner. Without a significant increase in power, he may not be able to play as a defender, at least as a starter.

• At the center position, Driscoll’s football IQ seemed good as a rookie, and he did not flinch when facing difficult tasks, so this makes sense, but the Eagles are likely to be at Landon Dixon ( Landon Dickerson selected Jason Kelce as the final substitute.

Perhaps the answer is that the Hawks will try to train him to be a “jack of all trades”, please forgive the pun, if necessary, he can come off the bench and play any position. Such players can be very valuable.

Le Crow Clark

Clark was the third-round pick for the Colts in the 2016 NFL Draft. He played 47 games and started 15 games. Clark has the versatility of defensive tackles because he has started for the Colts in LT, RT and RG. His athletic ability is average, but his length is excellent, especially with his arms over 36 inches.

Clark tore his Achilles tendon in early December 2020, which means he may not be able to fully participate in the Eagles training camp. However, the team can put him on the PUP roster, where he will not be counted in the 53-man roster, and he may play a deeper role in the regular season.

Clarke from Indianapolis is obviously a player that Knicks Liani is familiar with, but we (the media) may not take a good look at him this summer.

Brett Toth

Since entering the league in 2019, Thoth has been playing table tennis between the Eagles and the Cardinals. He played for the first time in 2020, played 6 games and even started in the 17th week of the tank game. To be honest-I haven’t watched Toss game specifically, so I can’t comment on it, even though he is not the obvious responsible person at any time this season.

The Hawks have considerable depth in OT, so Toth may need a few people to make the roster, but he should at least be able to stick to the training class.

Kathy Tucker

Camp body.

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