Doctor charged with murder of elderly patient in Hawkesbury, Ontario, granted bail

Doctor charged with murder of elderly patient in Hawkesbury, Ontario, granted bail



A doctor in eastern Ontario was charged with the death of an elderly patient in Hawkesbury, Ontario in March and has been released on bail.

On Monday, 35-year-old Dr. Brian Nadler appeared in court in L’Orignal, Ontario. His lawyer’s office confirmed to CBC News that he was allowed to be released after applying for bail in the High Court.

Nadler was charged with one count of first-degree murder The 89-year-old Albert Podinger dies Pointe-Claire, Que. He is a patient at the Hawkesbury and Regional General Hospital between Ottawa and Montreal.

Ontario police have also been investigating the deaths of other patients in the hospital.

In April of this year, the police stated that an autopsy had been conducted on an unknown number of people, but the analysis and toxicology report It may take several months to complete.

Drugs used to treat COVID-19 patients CBC News learned in April that the hospital was part of the murder investigation.

Nadler lives in Dorad de Omo, Quebec. He was suspended from the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons a few days after being charged on March 26.

According to the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons, He faces two charges of professional misconduct During his time at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon-one of them was because he called a female colleague a “bitch” after a disagreement and told others that he “feeled like slapped” that colleague’s The slap in the face, the other is because of improper patient record keeping.

While working in Nevada, Nadler appeared before the Nevada Medical Examination Board in September 2018 and stated that the Saskatoon staff had emotionally abused him.


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