British-funded task force investigating military abuse in Myanmar | Myanmar News

British-funded task force investigating military abuse in Myanmar | Myanmar News



The project, called “Myanmar Witness”, comes at a time when Western countries seek to increase pressure on the country’s military rulers over allegations of human rights violations.

Five months after the military removed elected leaders, a new task force was formed on Monday to investigate evidence of human rights violations in Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi And put this Southeast Asian country into turmoil.

The Myanmar Witness Project, funded by the British government, said it will share information with the United Nations Independent Investigation Mechanism for Myanmar, which is investigating suspected crimes in Myanmar.

The initiative came as Western countries sought to put pressure on Myanmar’s military rulers over allegations of human rights violations. The United Nations said that more than 880 people have been killed by security forces since the coup d’état — a figure that the military said was exaggerated.

“Myanmar Witness will independently collect, store, process, investigate, verify and review incidents that may interfere with human rights,” the organization said.

On July 1, protesters burned military uniforms during a flash mob demonstration against the coup in Yangon. [AFP]

It said it would encourage civilians to submit their opinions and independently verify the incident on social media-Myanmar citizens posted pictures and videos on social media that appeared to show killings, assaults and other abuses.

Myanmar witnesses that it has found and verified evidence of reprisals by the Burmese army, shelling civilian areas and religious buildings, and signs of intent to harm (if not kill) demonstrators.

Western countries and human rights organizations condemned the atrocities committed by Myanmar’s security forces.

The military authorities stated that they would only use force when necessary to respond to threats to national security.

According to the United Nations, violence since the coup has driven more than 230,000 people from their homes.

The Political Prisoners Aid Association, which has been tracking the post-coup suppression operations, said that since February, at least 888 people have been killed by security forces and nearly 5,200 people have been detained.

The military disputed these figures, but did not give its own estimates.

It claimed that its power grab was necessary because Aung San Suu Kyi’s National Democratic League won by an overwhelming advantage in the alleged fraud in the November elections last year. Its request has been rejected by the Election Committee.


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