Amy Gutmann’s ambassador nomination is the latest link between President Biden and the University of Pennsylvania

Amy Gutmann’s ambassador nomination is the latest link between President Biden and the University of Pennsylvania



President Joe Biden received an undergraduate diploma from the University of Delaware and a law degree from Syracuse University. But one might argue that, at least in recent years, his most affiliated educational institution is the University of Pennsylvania.

Friday, when he Nomination of Amy Gutman, President of the University of Pennsylvania Serve as the next US ambassador to Germany.

According to reports, Gutman is the first time Biden has nominated an ambassador to a G7 country. Associated PressIf confirmed by the US Senate, she will become the first woman to serve as the US ambassador to Germany. The Senate hearing on Gutman’s nomination has not yet been scheduled.

When Biden won the presidency last November, there were rumors that Gutman might be Play a role in his government, perhaps the Minister of Education. Her qualifications, and his relationship with the university, sparked speculation.

In 2017, the school opened Pennsylvania Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement In Washington. The center has continued during Biden’s presidency, focusing on diplomacy, foreign policy, and national security.

Gutman, who oversaw the creation of the center, previously called Biden “one of the greatest politicians of our time” and praised him for his “excellent understanding of diplomacy and extensive grasp of world issues.”

“in [Biden’s] In an outstanding career serving our country, he has demonstrated a unique ability to bring people together, overcome differences, and respond constructively to some of today’s most difficult and important policy challenges,” Gut Mann said in 2017.

Before running for president, Biden served as the honorary Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of Practice at the university. He is based in Washington, but has an office on the main campus. Biden also received joint appointments at the Annenberg School of Communication and the School of Arts and Sciences, as well as a secondary affiliate with the Wharton School of Business.

Biden’s connection with the University of Pennsylvania began at the personal level. His late son Beau and his daughter Ashley both received degrees from Ivy League schools. The same goes for his granddaughter Naomi.

In 2013, Biden delivered a speech at the university graduation ceremony and received an honorary doctorate of law. Three years later, Biden launched his “Cancer Moon Landing Project” Abramson Cancer Center at the University.

Gutman has repeatedly welcomed Biden to the campus as a guest speaker. Once, she invited Biden and former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush to Participate in the immigration forum, They were asked to reach a compromise on this issue. Like Biden, Gutman also emphasized the importance of compromise, making it a The focus of one of her 17 books.

The 71-year-old Gutman became the eighth president of the University of Pennsylvania in 2004, and she will continue to hold that position until the confirmation hearing begins. Her contract will expire in June 2022.

Gutman said: “I can’t exaggerate what a meaningful and extraordinary honor to be nominated by the president for this important post that serves our country.” Said in a statement Friday release.

“As the daughter of a German Jewish refugee, a first-generation university graduate, and a university leader dedicated to advancing constitutional democracy, I am deeply grateful to President Biden for his trust in me and help to represent one of our closest and most important European allies. American values ??and interests.”

During her 17-year tenure, Gutmann also served as Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School of Communication.

Gutmann’s focus on global initiatives also led to the establishment of the Penn Wharton China Center in Beijing in 2015 and the establishment of the school’s Perry World House on its University City campus in 2016.

In addition to being close to Biden, Gutman has always been Outspoken critics of former President Donald Trump, Criticized his government’s immigration policy as “not conducive to our values.”

In 2018, Fortune magazine named Gutman as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”.

Gutmann previously worked at Princeton University, where she held various positions, including the Provost and Provost. Gutman also worked at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and the University of Maryland.


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