Amazon Live Update-Jeff Bezos officially stepped down as CEO today, and Andy Jesse took over before the rocket launch

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially stepped down as the company today.

Bezos Handing the reins to Andy Jassy Amazon’s Cloud computing business.

Earlier this year, Bezos said that he plans to focus on new products and early plans that Amazon is developing.

He said he will have more time for his side business, including his space exploration company Blue Origin, his philanthropy, and overseeing the Washington Post, which he owns.

As the company’s largest shareholder, Bezos will still have a wide-ranging influence on Amazon.

This move was made before Blue Origin launched his space journey on July 20.

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  • Is Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world?

    It is believed that he became the richest person in the world in 2018, replacing Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

    When his net worth reached 105.5 billion US dollars, he also became the richest man in history.

    This makes him the first person to accumulate 12-figure wealth since Gates achieved this feat in 1999, and he has donated more than $60 billion to charities.

  • Bezos letter to employees in February

    “This journey started about 27 years ago. Amazon is just an idea, it has no name,” Bezos wrote Letter to employees In February.

    “The question I was most often asked was,’What is the Internet?’ … Today, we have 1.3 million talented and dedicated employees who provide services to hundreds of millions of customers and companies and are recognized as the most successful in the world. One of the companies.”

  • Bezos will become a billionaire in 2026

    Using data from the Forbes Rich List for the past five years, Compare Calculating Bezos’ annual growth rate will make him a trillionaire in 2026-when he is 62 years old.

    The Amazon founder owns about 16% of the company’s shares and made the Forbes rich list for the first time in 1998.

    He also owns an amazing amount of property, Including a ranch with a space station.

  • Bezos “may continue to participate”

    Daniel Elman, a global technology analyst at market research firm Nucleus Research, talked about how Bezos’ new role will affect his influence in the company.

    “He may still be involved, although he will no longer focus on daily affairs, but will be able to focus on company-wide plans and new products and services.”

    “His skills in eliminating noise and identifying high-value opportunities cannot be overstated… So it makes sense for Amazon to get him out of operational dilemmas to maximize the use of these areas.

  • What is Jeff Bezos’ net worth?

    It is estimated that Jeff Bezos is worth more than 140 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to become the world’s first trillionaire.

    Although the financial outlook for many people looks bleak during the coronavirus crisis, it has Never been better for Bezos Who gets richer during the pandemic.

    Amazon is Now worth $1.1 trillion Its stock price hit a record high in April 2020.

    This helped Bezos see his wealth increased by another 6.4 billion US dollars.

  • Andy has confidence in Jeff

    Bezos said in a letter to employees announcing the move: “I am pleased to announce that in the third quarter of this year I will take over as executive chairman of the Amazon board of directors, and Andy Jassy will become CEO.

    “As the executive chairman, I intend to focus my energy and attention on new products and early plans.

    Andy is well-known within the company, and his time at Amazon is almost as long as mine. “

    Bezos added: “He will be an outstanding leader and I have full confidence in him.”

  • New CEO

    After Bezos resigns today, Andy Jassy will become the next CEO of Amazon.

    Jassy joined the company in 1997 and previously led Amazon’s web services cloud team.

  • Who is Jeff Bezos?

    Jeff Bezos is the founder and former CEO of Amazon, an online marketplace.

    The businessman studied electrical engineering and computer science at Princeton University before working on Wall Street.

    In 1994, 56-year-old Bezos founded Amazon from the garage-five years later, he was named Person of the Year by Time magazine.

    Like Amazon, this tech giant is also the founder of Blue Origin, a company dedicated to the development of commercial space travel.

    He also owns the Washington Post and is a volunteer firefighter.

    Bezos is a big fan of “Star Trek” and guest-starred an alien fleet official in the previous movie.

  • CEO to Executive Chairman

    Amazon announced in February that Bezos will begin the transition from CEO to executive chairman to focus on other companies.

  • Jeff Bezos steps down as Amazon CEO

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos officially stepped down as CEO today.

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