80 stray animals recovered after fireworks on July 4

80 stray animals recovered after fireworks on July 4



San Diego (CNS)-The San Diego Humane Society recovered 80 stray animals on Monday, and the agency said many of them were likely to have fled their homes overnight during the July 4th fireworks celebrations.

The organization reported Monday afternoon that its team found 80 stray dogs, including 56 dogs, while searching for pets that might be frightened by the Independence Day celebrations in communities in the area.

Anyone who has lost a pet is advised to check the Lost and Found page of the San Diego Humanitarian Association at sdhumane.org/services/lost-and-found.

Those who find stray pets are urged to try to find an owner in the area first. Pets may carry a label with a phone number, which may prevent hitchhiking to the shelter.

“July 4th is a holiday for people, not for animals, which is why we usually see an increase in the number of stray pets from the Humane Society of San Diego in the days after the celebration,” said President and CEO of the Humane Society of San Diego Dr. Gary Weitzman speaks of Humane Society. “It is well known that pets frightened by noise will jump over the fence because of fear and confusion. For pet parents, it is very important to plan ahead and ensure the safety of their animals.

“If your pet is indeed lost, please submit a report to us and check our website to see if there are any stray animals that we take in.”

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